Alternative Delivery Pilot Program

Program Overview

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is exploring a number of alternative delivery model/s for its strategic land use planning projects through the Alternative Delivery Pilot Program (Program). The Program aims to trial different ways of delivering projects or parts of projects. This will primarily be achieved by enabling proponents and their consultants to prepare parts of or all of planning documents (e.g. Precinct Structure Plans or related technical assessments) required to facilitate planning scheme amendments.

An internal VPA team will continue to provide project management and probity oversight, guided by a new policy framework, to ensure a Whole of Government approach, and maintain the VPA’s core statutory role as Planning Authority.

A core intention of the Program is to increase the capacity and efficiency of the VPA to enable us to deliver more sooner, while maintaining quality standards.

The Program will seek to utilise Third Party funding contributions, or facilitate proponents forward funding parts of projects, in addition to government funds to coordinate initiatives that may include:

  • Bringing forward background studies to inform planning projects.
  • Proponent submitted site specific re-zonings where strategically justified (e.g. a ‘Part 2’ of an approved PSP).
  • Precinct Structure Plan content preparation.

The Program is being informed by two main pilot projects:

Whilst the Program is initially considered for Outer Melbourne Precinct Structure Plans, if successful, it is intended to ultimately be used for all the VPA planning settings. 


For all enquiries, please contact:

Suzanne Barker
Alternative Delivery Manager
Telephone: (03) 8644 8814 / 0410 341 971

Paul Cassidy
Director Streamlining
Telephone: (03) 9651 9606 / 0414 015 916