Fast Track Projects

As part of the Victorian Government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is accelerating a package of existing projects to unlock approximately $17B* in estimated economic value by mid-2021.

The VPA is working on the early completion of 18 planning and infrastructure projects that are already on our Business Plan, and which are already significantly progressed, to unlock land for around 86,000 homes and 95,000 jobs across Victoria.

These projects will be developed in collaboration with key partners and will have a strong emphasis on shaping great urban places across Victoria.

This program will provide certainty for communities, a pipeline of development for industry and future jobs and homes for Victorians as the economy recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please find a link to the:

In order to complete these projects in a streamlined and timely manner the Minister for Planning has appointed a VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee to consider and resolve outstanding issues. Not all the 18 projects will utilise the Standing Advisory Committee (SAC). To find out more about this new SAC there is:

Fast Track eligibility

To be eligible for fast-tracking, projects met the following criteria:

  • were already on our work program;
  • were well advanced and capable of completion within a 6-12 month timeframe;
  • will deliver strategically planned land to the market (i.e rezoned) or in some scenarios development-ready land (rezoned and permit-approved)
  • are able to be delivered earlier, or with greater reach/impact, or both.

When a project is on the Fast Track this means it will:

  • have access to a streamlined pathway with tailored engagement processes and the opportunity to utilise the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee (where appropriate) and/or
  • receive additional resources, effort and priority from the VPA and across government in order to create a complete well designed community.

Being on the Fast Track program does not imply preapproval of any particular development outcome, nor does it take away the statutory discretions of the VPA Board or the Minister for Planning.

The VPA will continue to deliver the projects on our business plan, however, resources and timeliness may change as we prioritise the Fast Track projects.

The Fast Track Projects are:


Urban Renewal


GAIC WIK Project


Filipina Moore
Director Strategy
(03) 9651 9630

*The framework for quantifying the economic value of dwellings relies on high level assumptions about the land and development market based on house price change of $130,000 for Greenfields and regional areas and $280,000 for urban renewal areas (note this is based on assumptions from previous work completed for the VPA by EY in 2019). The employment economic value is based on the GDP per worker for Melbourne at $75,000.