Partnered Delivery Pilot Program

Program Overview

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is exploring alternative delivery model/s for its strategic land use planning projects through the Partnered Delivery Pilot Program (Pilot Program). The Pilot Program aims to provide the VPA with surge or overflow capacity to deliver backlog projects or bring forward other projects that have merit for VPA delivery.

The Pilot Program will seek to utilise Third Party contributions and the Affordable by Supply fund to draw on external consultant resources to project manage and coordinate initiatives that may include:

  • Project pre-commencement (for example, background studies, testing assumptions and barriers to project delivery).
  • Site specific re-zonings.
  • Precinct Structure Plan content preparation.

An internal VPA team will continue to provide management oversight and ensure a Whole of Government approach.

Ultimately, the Pilot Program aims to increase the VPA’s ability to deliver a range of projects, including projects which are important but not necessarily part of its core business.

Whilst the Pilot Program is initially considered for Outer Melbourne Precinct Structure Plans, if successful, it may ultimately be used for all the VPA planning settings.

Future selected projects will require careful consideration to ensure they have a manageable risk profile and meet other, yet to be determined criteria.

We expect to be able to provide a more developed outline of how the program will operate, including priorities for commencement of the pilot projects, by mid-2021.

Pilot Projects:

The VPA’s Business Case identifies five projects with various characteristics for the initial pilot. These are:


For all enquiries, please contact:

David Portelli
Partnered Delivery Coordinator
Telephone: (03) 8644 8808

Suzanne Barker
Partnered Delivery Manager
Telephone: 0410 341 971

Paul Cassidy
Director Streamlining
Telephone: (03) 9651 9606 / 0414 015 916