Priority Program

The Victorian Planning Authority is delivering our Priority Program to unlock billions of dollars in economic value and deliver land to market for new homes and jobs across our growing state.  

Our Priority Program is a pipeline of projects that are of state or regional significance, have substantial economic stimulus benefits, and consider government policy objectives and priorities. 

The program targets rezoning to unlock over 33,900 residential lots and 59,800 jobs. It also supports transparency and provides our stakeholders with certainty about our priorities and allocation of resources.

Project eligibility 

Each project included in our Priority Program meets all or most of these criteria: 

  • Is a Ministerial priority and/or in a state or regionally significant area or precinct 
  • Is led by the VPA as planning authority or as provider to Government
  • Offers significant economic stimulus benefits (i.e. unlocking land for jobs and housing at scale) or delivers an important strategic or policy benefit 
  • Has been scoped and costed, with confidence that we can manage the associated risks. 

The program operates as a pipeline, with projects elevated to the program as capacity arises from completed or removed projects. 

Program features

Projects that are on our Priority Program are supported by: 

  • Prioritised resources (funding and staff time) 
  • Access to a streamlined pathway with tailored engagement processes 
  • Ministerial consideration via the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) 
  • Regular reports to the Treasurer and key ministers. 

Being on our Priority Program does not imply preapproval of any particular development outcome, nor does it take away the statutory discretions of the VPA Board or the Minister for Planning. 

The VPA will continue to deliver the projects on our Business Plan, however, resources and timeliness will be prioritised for projects in this program. 

VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee 

To complete these projects in a streamlined and timely manner, the Minister for Planning has appointed a VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) to consider and resolve outstanding issues. Not all projects will use the SAC, but it will be available to all Priority Program projects as a streamlined pathway for Ministerial consideration. 

Find out more about the SAC at Planning Panels Victoria

Priority Program Projects List:


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