Urban Renewal Precincts

Melbourne has always evolved. Renewal and redevelopment of areas allows us to continue this evolution and remain competitive and liveable.

Urban renewal precincts are often old industrial areas that are no longer being used for their original purpose, and could benefit from redevelopment.

Some urban renewal sites include large parcels of land owned by the government, or a single private owner, which can be transformed into great places for people. Additionally, urban renewal precincts also allow the government to deliver on key policy commitments, such as providing affordable housing and sustainable green spaces to the wider community.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) believes that all urban renewal must respect and celebrate the heritage and identity of areas undergoing change.

Urban renewal precincts allow the Victorian Government to focus development in areas that can leverage existing and planned infrastructure, particularly transport and government landholdings. It allows us to focus development in areas that are well-serviced, to proactively plan for growth.

The VPA is working in a number of urban renewal precincts, including Arden and Macaulay.  We are working in partnership with key stakeholders, including councils, government agencies, developers and the wider community. We will continue to work with partners to develop and implement new planning tools, including developer contribution tools, to support the delivery of these precincts.