Donnybrook-Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan and ‘Interim’ Infrastructure Contributions Plan

Amendment GC134 to the Whittlesea and Mitchell Planning Schemes

The Planning and Environment Amendment (Public Land Contributions) Act 2018 came into operation on 2 July 2018. The Act requires all public land identified in an ICP to be provided as a direct land contribution, thereby removing a monetary contribution from the ICP system.

An ‘interim’ ICP was gazetted for the Donnybrook-Woodstock precinct (GC108) to amend the previous iteration of the ‘interim’ ICP and to include the land credit and equalisation amounts. Following this, the Minister for Planning requested the VPA to review the ICP to ensure that it is consistent with the land contribution model envisaged by the government and promoted by the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act).

This review identified that inner public land was excluded from the contribution land area for the purposes of calculating the ICP land contribution percentage and each parcel contribution percentage. It is considered more consistent with the contribution model envisaged that inner public purpose land should be included in contribution land area for the purposes of calculating the relevant percentages. This model ensures a more equitable net infrastructure contribution from all landowners within a precinct.

The land contribution component of the Donnybrook-Woodstock ICP has now been recalculated, and as a result the estimated land credit and equalisation amounts for each parcel have changed. The estimated rate per hectare of the inner public purpose land identified in each parcel of land has not changed and therefore is not required to be revalued under section 46GN of the Act. Landowners in the precinct were notified of the change to the estimate of value for their parcel of land.

The amended ‘interim’ ICP will continue to have effect until the on-going supplementary levy ICP (Amendment GC102) has gone through the full planning scheme amendment process, including a panel hearing.

Amendement GC134

Interactive map of Donnybrook Woodstock

Background Information

The Victorian Planning Authority has prepared the Donnybrook/Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan, which will guide the development of two new suburbs in Melbourne’s north. This plan will rezone land to allow for new uses, including provision of land to facilitate new infrastructure necessary to support the growth of new communities, such as schools.

The Donnybrook and Woodstock precincts will develop as attractive places to call home, with a strong emphasis on the retention of natural features and high-quality landscaping in an urban environment supported by strong transport connections and community facilities.

The precincts will create a diverse mix of residential neighbourhoods linked by a variety of town centres, schools and other community facilities.

Residential and business development will capitalise on the precinct’s proximity to the existing Donnybrook train station and well as the potential future Lockerbie station.

These PSPs are approved as part of the 100,000 lots program, which will result in the creation of 17 new suburbs by the end of 2018. Plans like these will help keep house prices in check, providing diverse, affordable housing in well-designed areas.

These precincts will support a strong residential community, with a projected population of 47,000. The area will ultimately deliver approximately 17,000 new dwellings and over 2,100 local jobs.

Project Information

  • 17,000 dwellings, 47,000 population
  • 2,140 jobs
  • 5 town centres (41,000 square meters of retail space)
  • 5 convenience local town centres
  • 6 potential government schools
  • 4 potential non-government schools
  • 6 ha park area
  • 7 sporting reserves
  • 7 community activity centres
  • Donnybrook Station existing to the West
  • new arterial roads including Gunns Gully Road, Patterson Drive and Koukoura Drive
  • Hume Anglican Grammar will open the precinct’s first private primary and secondary campus at Hayes Hill, taking enrolments from 2019.

The PSP is bounded by the Outer Metropolitan Ring Road in the North, Merriang Road to the East and Donnybrook road to the South and the Melbourne-Sydney Railway to the west.

The PSP adjoins the approved Lockerbie PSP to the west and the council-led Shenstone Park PSP to the South.

Donnybrook already has an existing train station that runs a V/Line service and there is potential for a future Lockerbie Train Station located in the North.

Future Changes

The PSP will grow around the already established Donnybrook Station in the west of the precinct.

The PSP plans for the provision of new roads and intersections that will be delivered progressively as the area develops.  Local roads will include a mixture of bike lanes and shared paths and the internal road network has been designed to support safe and walkable neighbourhoods.

Areas of significant biodiversity and landscape value within the precinct will be protected with approximately one-third of the precinct included in conservation areas for River Redgums, Native Grasses and Growling Grass Frog habitat.

Next Steps

Developers of the precinct will contribute more than $345 million for local infrastructure such as arterial roads, local parks and sports fields and community centres. The Growth Area Infrastructure Contributions (GAIC) will generate around $115 million to be spent on State infrastructure assisting with the provision of public transport upgrades, schools and other state infrastructure.

Through this plan the second pilot of a GAIC-developer agreement will be rolled out, ensuring community members receive the infrastructure they deserve in a timely fashion.
The site for Hayes Hill Primary School will be acquired under the second pilot of a Government-Developer Growth Areas Infrastructure Agreement. Part of its construction will also be funded through GAIC when population reaches the trigger point for development.

Sites for the Donnybrook P-12 school in Phase 1 and four more schools in later phases will be acquired as required, as these areas are subdivided.

Also planned are GAIC funded upgrades to Donnybrook station around 2020, and the construction of Lockerbie station, to the north, in the mid-2020s. Local bus services will be subsidised in the early years to provide access to Donnybrook station.
GAIC will also be used to acquire the sites for CFA and ambulance stations.

Supporting Documentation

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