Metropolitan Open Space Network

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has created the Metropolitan Open Space Network portal to assist relevant state agencies and local councils in their continued planning, analysis, delivery and maintenance of Melbourne’s open space network.

It provides a comprehensive GIS dataset of the existing open space network throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. This dataset builds upon the important work completed through the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council’s (VEAC) Metropolitan Melbourne Investigation (2011), as well as GIS data provided to the VPA by Melbourne’s 32 metropolitan councils and a variety of other agencies.

The portal contains:

  • Interactive maps of Melbourne’s open space network;
  • Suggested open space hierarchy and category definitions;
  • Suggested Network planning and design principles;
  • Information on how the walking catchment analysis works; and a
  • Decision tree that outlines the steps used to categorise the GIS layers

The portal also incorporates a range of interactive features and in particular includes a 400m walkable access layer for the entire metropolitan area, which as far as we know, is unprecedented.

Our thanks go to the 32 metropolitan councils, as well as those state agencies and authorities whose valuable data contributions have made this project possible. We also acknowledge previous work carried out by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council, which has served as a strong foundation for the production of the open space data.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the mapping, it is not guaranteed to be without error.

If you would like to obtain the Raw GIS data that underpins the portal for your local municipality, refer to the Open Data webpage here.

For any technical enquiries regarding the data, contact the GIS Team at:
Telephone: (03) 9651 9600.