Gunns Gully Road Interchange GAIC WIK

The Gunns Gully Road Interchange is currently in a phase of negotiating the terms of the GAIC WIK (Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution Work-In-Kind).

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) will be ensuring greater resources and prioritisation of the project’s finalisation occurs in a timely manner.

Lockerbie Precinct Structure Plan, identifies the eleventh and final Plan Melbourne designated Metropolitan Activity Centre (MAC) the Lockerbie Precinct Structure Plan also identifies the potential for a future Lockerbie station, education facilities and the Gunns Gully Interchange.

The Interchange will form part of a wider integrated transport network for the Northern Growth Corridor. The interchange has important community, social and economic benefits and construction of the interchange will help facilitate the development of this final MAC.

By delivering the Interchange via a Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC), Work-in-Kind Agreement (WIK), this substantial piece of State infrastructure can be constructed at no capital cost to the State.

Map of the Gunns Gully interchange

Victoria’s Housing Statement

On 20 September 2023, the Victorian Government released Victoria’s Housing Statement: The decade ahead 2024-2034, in which it announced the Victorian Planning Authority will continue preparing Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) and other planning projects for new housing and jobs in Melbourne and regional Victoria. We will conduct further work across 21 projects to deliver more than 60,000 homes and 60,000 jobs. These projects will deliver a sustainable supply of greenfield land, and more jobs close to home.

The Gunns Gully Road Interchange GAIC WIK is one of the 21 projects named in the Housing Statement.


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Manager Infrastructure Coordination and Contributions
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