Engineering Standards

The Engineering Design and Construction Manual for Subdivision in Growth Areas was developed to standardise engineering requirements for subdivision development across all of Melbourne’s growth area councils. It was finalised in April 2011. Some parts of the report have since been updated and these changes are listed in the Addendums section of this page.

More information on the project can be found here.

Contact Information

Governance and technical committees have been formed to oversee the ongoing management and review of the manual. These committees meet on a regular basis to consider issues of concern.

General enquiries can be made to:

For specific development issues, please contact the relevant council.

Engineering Design and Construction Manual (April 2011)

To download the April 2011 manual in full, please click here.

Alternatively, the individual parts of the April 2011 manual have been published below:

Part A – Overview and Background includes Section 1 (Addedum 5 applies)
Part B – Framework and Procedures includes Sections 2 – 9 (Addendum 3 applies)
Part C – Engineering Design includes Sections 10 – 16 (Addenda 1, 3 & 4 apply)
Part D – Construction Procedures includes Sections 17 – 25
Appendix A – Land Subdivision Process Flow Chart
Appendix B – Pavement Design Charts
Appendix C – Form to Accompany Design Submissions
Appendix D – Standard Drawings (Addenda 2 & 2.1 apply)
Appendix E – Useful References
Appendix F – Construction Specifications
Appendix G – Nominated Council Hold Points and Council Witness Points


Addendum 1 – Section 11
Addendum 2 – Changes to Standard Drawings
Addendum 2.1 – Standard Drawings
Addendum 3 – Standard Drawings Consequential Amendments
Addendum 4 – Section 10.13 Utility Locations
Addendum 5 – Section Provisional Approval

A full explanation of how to apply these addenda to the manual can be read here.


Revisions to the manual will be made periodically to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. Current revisions are listed within the Addenda above.

Transition Process

Where significant revisions have been made to the manual, a transition process will apply if necessary for subdivision developments commenced or progressing through a design or construction process.