Engineering Standards

The Engineering Design and Construction Manual for Subdivision in Growth Areas (EDCM) was initially published in April 2011.

It has recently been reviewed and an updated ‘December 2019’ version is now available below.

More information on the standardisation project is available in the Information Sheet – Victorian Growth Areas Infrastructure Engineering Standardisation Project – September 2009 (PDF).

Contact Information

Governance and Technical Committees have been formed to oversee the ongoing management and review of the manual. These committees meet on a regular basis to consider issues of concern.

For general manual enquiries and more specific development issues, please contact the relevant council.

Revisions and Updates

Ongoing revisions of the EDCM are needed from time to time to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

Revisions will be documented by Addenda for subsequent incorporation into the next updated version of the EDCM – tentatively in 2024.

Transition Process

Where significant revisions have been made to the EDCM, a transition process will apply, if necessary, for subdivision developments which have commenced or are progressing through a design and construction process.

For this purpose, copies of the previous 2011 version of the EDCM, subsequent addendums and standard drawings are available below:

Engineering Design and Construction Manual (December 2019)

A copy of the:

Engineering Design and Construction Manual (December 2019) – Addenda

The following addenda have been adopted and should be read in conjunction with the ‘December 2019′ version of the EDCM and the ‘December 2015′ version of Standard Drawings.