Victorian Planning Authority Business Plan 2019-2020

Photo of Stuart Moseley holding the summary of the VPA Strategic Priorities 2019-2020

2019-2020 Business Plan

The Minister for Planning has established a program-based approach for our work, setting broad outcome requirements for the next two years and empowering the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to recommend projects that give effect to these requirements.

This means that our annual work program and project list is now established through our yearly Business Plan. We can now ensure our work program responds more effectively to changing factors from year to year – ensuring the VPA remains nimble and responsive to the critical planning issues across Victoria.

Our Business Plan for 2019/2020 sets out our significant work program across the state with around 100 projects across the seven program streams.

You can view the current VPA Business Plan 2019/2020 (PDF) here.

You can view a summary of the VPA Strategy and Delivery: 2019/2020 Priorities (PDF) here.

Previous Business Plans

You can view a PDF version of our previous Business Plans in the links below: