Victorian Planning Authority Business Plan 2020-2021

2020-2021 Business Plan

The Minister for Planning has approved the VPA’s 2020/2021 Business Plan, which was delayed due to COVID-19.

For more information, refer to the Victorian Planning Authority Business Plan 2020/2021 (PDF).

This Business Plan focuses on economic stimulus with a strategic forward outlook. We are to keep prioritising our Fast Track program, but as those projects move towards completion we have the Minister’s approval to work on what comes next. This goes beyond just projects to include the pipeline, funding and authorising environment that go with them.

The Business Plan also meets our statutory obligations for financial and other reporting as required by the VPA Act.

While our ability to take on new projects this year is limited, the Business Plan sets us up to commence work on important projects to take us into 2021/22.

Key Highlights:

  • Continuing many key projects in regional Victoria and Melbourne renewal precincts including support for the Suburban Rail Loop.
  • Eight PSPs in Melbourne’s greenfield growth corridors have been identified in our new ‘pre-commencement’ phase for preliminary investigations.
  • A new focus on identifying a prioritised and criteria-driven program of high-impact planning projects in established Melbourne, regional cities and peri-urban towns.
  • Recognition of the new Partnered Delivery pilot program to test this alternate PSP delivery pathway.
  • Ongoing support for Affordable by Supply and Streamlining for Growth funded projects.
  • Support for a new pre-commencement phase to better classify projects that are undergoing preliminary investigations and discussions.
  • Ongoing support for better infrastructure coordination and delivery.
  • Support for our cost recovery program.
  • Investing in the organisation by further developing our approach to hybrid working and flexibility through our Way We Work document, ensuring we remain an employer of choice.
  • Reference to a new People & Culture Plan and IT Strategy which will underpin our Way We Work objectives and support the VPA Strategic Plan.
  • Continuation of our PSP reform package and other key priorities such as the planning reform work underway in government and position and practice papers on key issues.

Previous Business Plans

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