Organisational Structure

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) plans in a number of different areas across Victoria. These functions are reflected in the organisation’s team structures.

The organisation is broken into five teams, outlined below. You can read about the VPA’s leadership team here.

Metropolitan Melbourne Group

Our Metropolitan Melbourne group leads precinct planning for key growth areas and sites across Melbourne. The team is driving an integrated response to Melbourne’s growth pressures and planning renewed and new communities critical for our city’s liveable future. In doing so, the Metropolitan Melbourne group is tasked with providing solutions for new homes and jobs across different development settings in Melbourne as we strive for more balanced growth. This includes leading our planning programs across both established Melbourne and the greenfield growth corridors.

Importantly, this Group ensures the VPA is taking a holistic view of how to achieve the aspirations set out in Plan Melbourne of delivering 70 per cent of new homes in established areas and 30 per cent in new communities in our greenfields.

Regional Victoria Group

The Regional Victoria group delivers spatial planning solutions for housing and jobs to manage growth in Victoria’s key regional cities and rapidly growing towns within Melbourne’s peri-urban area. The team responds to record level of housing demand being experienced in many locations, by aiming to sequence growth to where there is infrastructure to support it and assist councils to maximise their planning outcomes.

Infrastructure, Strategy & Planning

The Infrastructure, Strategy & Planning (ISP) group delivers specialist advice and analysis to VPA projects to drive implementation of the VPA’s work program.  This includes expert planning, infrastructure, communications and strategic advice as well as key services such as graphic design, various GAIC tasks and community and stakeholder engagement. The group leads strategic VPA priorities such as better infrastructure coordination, key projects such as the Small Lot Housing Code and focusses on strengthening partnerships and providing policy input to enable the better implementation of our plans.

People & Performance

The People and Performance group focuses on strengthening the capability, performance and culture of the organisation. It leads the VPA’s efforts to maintain a talented, motivated and high-performing workforce and provides accurate analysis, measurement and reporting on the impacts of our work.  The oversight and coordination of the VPA’s flagship Priority Program sits within this group.  People & Performance also has responsibility for the Streamlining for Growth, Unlocking New Communities for Affordable Housing and Alternative Delivery programs.  Support to the broader organisation is delivered through the group’s digital, spatial and visualisation capabilities and key corporate areas of finance, risk and compliance, information technology, executive services, governance, organisational policy and the VPA’s project management framework.

Chief Financial Officer and Board Secretary

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Board Secretary ensures that the Board, the Risk and Audit and Executive Remuneration, People and Culture committees are supported and operate efficiently.  The CFO also has the responsibility of approving the annual budget, financial results and long term financial sustainability program.