Shenstone Park Precinct Structure Plan

The VPA is working closely with the City of Whittlesea to assist in the preparation of the Shenstone Park Precinct Structure Plan (PSP).

The Shenstone PSP is 614 hectares in size, and is bound by Donnybrook Road to the north, the Wollert suburb boundary to the south, the Urban Growth Boundary to the east and the Sydney/Melbourne railway corridor to the west. The precinct lies immediately south of the Donnybrook/Woodstock PSP area and immediately east of the English Street PSP area.

Contained within the Shenstone PSP, is the existing Woody Hill Quarry. Directly south of the Shenstone PSP boundary is the future Sewerage Treatment Plant. Each of the uses have recommended separation distances from residential uses.

The Shenstone PSP will be ultimately accommodate a mix of residential, recreation, community and employment and will be integrated with the neighbouring Wollert and Donnybrook PSPs.

Interactive map of Shenstone Park

Supporting Documentation

Shenstone Park - Arboriculture Report (Treetec) - 22 February 2017
PDF  Version
Shenstone Park - Arboriculture Report (Treetec) - Appendices
PDF  Version
Shenstone Park - Visual Character Assessment (City of Whittlesea) - November 2017
PDF  Version