Werribee Junction Precinct Structure Plan

The Werribee Junction PSP area was identified as a ‘logical inclusion’ within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) by the Logical Inclusions Advisory Committee in 2011 and the Minister for Planning approved the amendment to expand the urban growth boundary to include Werribee Junction PSP area in 2012. The Logical Inclusions Advisory Committee identified potential for employment uses focussed on industry and logistics, with potential for a small area of residential land and associated open space.

The VPA will commence pre-planning for the PSP in June/ July 2017. The VPA will be working closely with Wyndham City Council and other stakeholders in preparing the Werribee Junction PSP.

As the PSP was not included in the Melbourne Strategic Assessment (MSA) and is not covered by the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for Melbourne’s Growth Corridors (2013), the precinct will require a biodiversity assessment to determine conservation values.

Interactive map of Werribee Junction