What is the Streamlining for Growth Program?

  • The Streamlining for Growth Program provides support and capacity-building initiatives for councils in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, with the aim of increasing the supply of housing and employment land through innovative planning projects. The program has an overall budget of $24 million over four years.
  • The program offers councils a high degree of flexibility for the projects that meet the program aims. The program is administered by the Victorian Planning Authority.

What assistance do councils receive from this program?

  • Councils receive either a direct grant or VPA services.

How long has the program been running for?

  • The program is in its fourth (and final) year of funding.

How does the program support growth area councils?

  • We know that Melbourne has enough land zoned for new suburban development through Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs). The program helps speed-up subdivision processes to deliver “shovel-ready” lots (this stage of development is referred to as Post-PSPs)..
  • The Streamlining for Growth Program is targeting programs and technology investment that results in faster assessments of engineering plans, utilities connections and subdivision approvals. It cuts red tape and allows people to get on with building their dream home.
  • Key initiatives include investing in new IT systems to speed up council processes, reviewing the Small Lot Housing Code and working in partnership with all seven growth area councils to do a ‘health check’ on their subdivision processes.

How does the program support regional councils?

  • The program does not just involve grants but also expertise from the VPA. One of the long-term benefits of collaboration between the VPA and regional city councils is building the capability of regional council staff to undertake large-scale town planning projects.
  • Funding from Streamlining for Growth allows regional councils to unlock land for new housing end economic development that leverages contributions from developers to make sure that liveability and amenity is supported by the right infrastructure.
  • Support from the State Government through the VPA enables regional councils to plan for the growth of their cities, towns and industries.
  • We know that well planned towns play an essential role in growing our regions –with the lifestyle benefits of great amenity, vibrant streetscapes and essential infrastructure acting as drawcards for tourists and residents alike.

How does the program support metropolitan Melbourne councils?

  • For projects within established Melbourne, the program focuses on providing strategic planning support to help clear backlogs and unlock key development areas. We know that investment in strategic planning speeds up the delivery of well-planned areas. We are ensuring all of Melbourne’s land is used effectively, providing high-quality development that provides a wealth of housing choices, work opportunities and amenity. Many of these sites are located close to existing infrastructure and jobs and represent terrific opportunities.

How does the program support established Melbourne councils?

  • The State Government provides VPA resourcing support to help do strategic planning for key strategic sites that have opportunities for urban renewal. Many strategic sites are former industrial areas that re no longer being used for their original purpose. The VPA helps to speed up the rezoning of sites and open up housing or employment land in areas that have been undeveloped for some time.

How are projects selected for the program?

  • Councils can apply to the VPA for a project grant or VPA services. To be eligible for assistance, Streamlining for Growth projects will need to demonstrate the potential to deliver significant time and cost savings to the planning system. They should also be capable of delivery 12 months after funding receipt.