Access to documents

Accessing and reading layered PDF documents

This website will now be using Layered PDF (Portable Document Format) files, also known as Adobe files to make publications available online.

Please contact us if you require previous publications formatted for the visually impaired at

To open, print, view and/or save these files, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this tool, you can download it free from Adobe by clicking here.

Converting PDF to a More Accessible Format

Since PDF documents may not be readily accessible to screen readers and may not be formatted for visually impaired users, the following tools can be used to convert PDF documents into plain text or plain HTML documents. This service is provided by Adobe. You can use the Online Conversion tool by clicking here.

Opening Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint files

This site sometimes uses Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to make files created in these programs available online.If you do not have these programs on your computer, you can download readers that will allow you to view these documents.
Download Microsoft Word Viewer
Download Microsoft Excel Viewer
Download Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer

Printed copies of documents

If you would like us to send you a printed or electronic copy of any publication on our site, please contact us to request it from the relevant area within VPA at