Greenfield Subdivision Permits – A Model Approach

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has prepared the Greenfield Subdivision Permits – A Model Approach, to achieve greater consistency in the structure and conditions of growth area subdivision permits to assist in streamlining approvals.

Planning departments in Melbourne’s Growth Area Councils are encouraged to use this document to promote a level of consistency in the way planning permits are drafted and efficiently deliver on legislative objectives. The document is a VPA guidance note to support responsible authorities, agencies and stakeholders.

For more information, refer to Greenfield Subdivision Permits – A Model Approach – May 2020 (PDF).


The Growth Area Model Planning Permit Conditions: A Manual for Implementation was prepared by the Growth Areas Authority to assist in streamlining the permit approval process and achieve greater consistency with outcomes across growth area councils in October 2011.

The 2011 Manual encouraged the use of model conditions to provide a level of consistency in the way planning permits are drafted and the requirements contained within them. The Growth Areas Authority (as it was previously named) together with seven growth areas councils, government authorities and stakeholders from the development industry developed the set of model planning permit conditions and advice on the subdivision process in growth areas.

Increasing demands on the planning in growth areas has resulted in planning permits growing in length and complexity. The increase in complexity and lengthier conditions affects the efficiency of the preparation of planning permits and their effectiveness conveying requirements. The VPA identified opportunities to provide greater consistency with planning permits and reduce the length of planning permits, which, in turn, will contribute to streamlining approvals. There is an absence of up to date guidance, which is leading to inconsistent decision making in the drafting of conditions across the growth areas.

The new Greenfield Subdivision Permits – A Model Approach provides more contemporary guidance for subdivision permits in Melbourne’s greenfields.

Streamlining for Growth

The development of the Greenfield Subdivision Permits – A Model Approach was supported and funded by the Streamlining for Growth Program.

The Streamlining for Growth Program is funded by the Victorian State Government and managed by the VPA. It aims to provide support and capacity building for councils in regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. Through the provision of targeted funding and staff resources, the program assists to unblock delays in the strategic planning system and speed up the delivery of projects that provide employment growth or increased housing choice, diversity and affordability.