PSP Guidelines

The Precinct Structure Planning Guidelines provide guidance on the integrated planning of new urban areas in greenfield locations. The guidelines outline a step-by-step approach to preparation of Precinct Structure Plans, and are an important resource for State Government agencies, local councils, consultants, developers and land owners. The PSP Guidelines comprise two parts and include a number of supplementary PSP notes that provide additional guidance on key topics. The guidelines are currently under review, and it is expected they will be expanded to include guidance on preparation of structure plans in urban renewal and regional areas.

A current copy of the Guidelines can be downloaded:

Part One – Overview of Growth Area Planning (9MB)
Part Two – Preparing the Precinct Structure Plan (12MB)
PSP Note – Contents of a Precinct Structure Plan (2MB)
PSP Note – Engaging the Public and Private Sectors (1MB)
PSP Note – Biodversity Management (1MB)
PSP Note – Cultural Heritage Management (3MB)
PSP Note – Our Roads: Connecting People (6MB)
PSP Note – Integrated Water Management (1MB)
PSP Note – Non Government Schools (1MB)
PSP Guidelines Launch presentation– 7 October 2009 (17MB)