National Employment and Innovation Clusters

A significant proportion of jobs are located in the suburbs and there are distinctive clusters of employment and business activity centred around medical, research and tertiary institutions across Melbourne.

These areas are local and regional destinations that also are nationally significant because of the role they play in attracting workers, students and visitors people from across Australia and overseas.

In these clusters, there are diverse activities in the fields of international education, research, health, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, science, business services, high-tech manufacturing and information technology.  These industries are the future of the Victorian economy and are expected to offer significant growth in jobs close to where people live

There are seven National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEIC) identified in Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 which will be a focus for jobs growth and strategic infrastructure investment to help expand employment opportunities.

Planning for these areas will be done in conjunction with the Department of Transport and Planning (DPT) and will set clear objectives for the precincts’ future.