A plan to unlock Broadmeadows’ potential

Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, has approved a land-use plan to boost connectivity, improve the public realm and drive jobs growth in Broadmeadows.

The Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan is a strategy for the urban renewal of 1300 hectares of land in Broadmeadows and Campbellfield.

Economic modelling indicates that employment in this area has the potential to increase from approximately 14,500 jobs to 27,500 by 2050, and this plan will capitalise on the area’s potential.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and Hume City Council created the plan over two years, informed by stakeholder and community input.

The plan paints a vision of a revitalised town centre that is a vibrant place to meet, shop and do business. It includes proposals for new cycling and walking paths and identifies areas that are ripe for public and private sector development.

A key proposal is for a mixed-use urban village on 60 hectares of land to the east of the Craigieburn railway line. The plan advocates for infill renewal of under-developed land in this area with diverse, higher-density housing and a proposed bridge crossing of the Merlynston Creek to support business connectivity between Broadmeadows and Campbellfield and improve productivity.

In regards to jobs growth, the framework plan recommends that key industrial land in Campbellfield and Upfield be protected for growth in freight, logistics and manufacturing employment.

The plan will also inform the work of the Broadmeadows Revitalisation Board, which is advising the state government about new projects to attract investment in Broadmeadows.

The VPA and council would like to thank community members for their valuable contributions to this plan during consultations held in April 2016 and May 2017.

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