Parwan Employment Precinct

Parwan Employment Precinct Development Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is working with Moorabool Shire Council to prepare either a structure plan (either as part of a precinct structure plan (PSP) or development plan), to facilitate planning for 1,500 jobs at the Parwan Employment Precinct (Bacchus Marsh).

The Parwan Employment Precinct holds significant economic and employment potential for Bacchus Marsh, with the ability to attract significant levels of new industrial and agribusiness investment and businesses that value-add and complement the Bacchus Marsh irrigation district.

Background information

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) a Victorian Government statutory authority that plans for urban growth across Victoria. We report to the Minister for Planning. 

The VPA’s main task is to make sure Melbourne and Victoria’s regions remain great places to live and work. This requires vision and long-term planning to ensure our growing population has equitable access to employment, public transport, attractive public spaces and affordable housing. 

We do this by working closely with councils, government agencies and the planning and development community on integrated land use and infrastructure coordination for new communities and strategically important precincts. 

The Minister for Planning has appointed the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to lead this project from conception to finalisation. Throughout the project, we will work closely with Moorabool Shire Council, State Government agencies and local community members to ensure the plan considers and reflects their input.

The Bacchus March Urban Growth Framework (UGF) identifies new areas for jobs, housing and infrastructure, while protecting valuable cultural and environmental assets. With Bacchus Marsh’s population anticipated to more than double to 50,000 residents by 2041, this plan will ensure growth is logical, sequenced and holistic. The framework was approved by the Minister for Planning in November 2018.

The framework identifies Parwan and Merrimu as key growth areas. The  precinct structure plan (PSP) process will deliver more specific land-use planning for these areas to develop.

Project information

The Bacchus Marsh area is growing, and there is opportunity for these precincts to accommodate some of the future population. Planning will allow for appropriate development in the Parwan and Merrimu precincts, ensuring that new and existing community members have access to housing, open space, infrastructure and services. The planning process is designed so that existing community members will benefit from the development occurring in their area.

We expect this expansion will occur over a long period of time – potentially in excess of 40 years.

General information about the Victorian Grassland Earless Dragon (VGED) can be found at the Zoos Victoria website.

Additionally, for specific inquiries and details potential VGED populations and surveys, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is collaborating with the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA).

You can contact DEECA for further information via:

Next steps

Surveys will be conducted for potential Victorian Grassland Earless Dragon (VGED) populations in the precinct.

While waiting for the results of those surveys, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) will continue to resolve technical reports that are underway and not dependent upon the survey results. Once completed, these reports will be published on our website.

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Supporting Documentation

Parwan Employment Precinct - Scoping Study (Urban Enterprise) July 2022
Parwan Employment Precinct - Scoping Study (Urban Enterprise) July 2022 PDF  Version