Regional DCP Toolkit

The City of Wodonga received a Streamlining for Growth grant and Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) assistance for the development of a toolkit for regional councils to guide the implementation, administration and financial management of Development Contributions Plans (DCP). Fifteen (15) other regional Councils have signed up to this initiative guiding the project via a Project Control Group and a Technical Working Group. The VPA is a member of the Project Control Group.

Regional DCP Toolkit Map of involved regional concils
The above map displays the regional Councils participating in the Regional DCP Toolkit.

The project has two phases:

Information gathering which includes interviewing member councils to better understand:

  • Different development contexts
  • Different levels of knowledge and experience of infrastructure planning and delivery
  • Different approaches to infrastructure planning and delivery
  • Risks, challenges and mitigation measures associated with infrastructure planning and delivery

Information gathering will inform a series of recommendations and the drafting of a DCP Toolkit that will guide member councils on how to improve DCP implementation.

It is expected the recommendations coming out of this work are likely to address matters such as:

  • Education and upskilling of regional planners
  • How to review DCPs
  • Internal governance frameworks, policies, procedures as well as defined roles and responsibilities
  • Risk assessments of existing DCPs
  • Innovation in how to manage financials and reporting requirements

During course of this project member councils have unlimited access to a DCP hotline where they can seek information and assistance for straight-forward enquiries with implementing their existing DCPs.  Member councils also have limited access to one-on-one assistance for more complex matters associated with DCP implementation.  Aspects of this assistance could be used for capacity building and to inform future case study examples of how to implement DCPs.

This project is just the beginning of local government-led regional collaboration, information sharing and upskilling associated with DCP planning and delivery, supported by the VPA. The Toolkit could result in future actions of individual councils, the collective group of councils and possible future state collaboration efforts to improve how DCPs are planned and delivered in regional Victoria.


Tyler Agius
Senior Infrastructure Planner – Victorian Planning Authority
Telephone: (03) 9651 9627

Kenneth Chan
Team Leader Strategic Planning – City of Wodonga
Telephone: (02) 6022 9300

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