Plumpton and Kororoit Infrastructure Contributions Plan

Planning Scheme Amendment C195 to the Melton Planning Scheme

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in consultation with Melton City Council and government agencies, prepared the Plumpton Precinct Structure Plan, December 2017 and the Kororoit Precinct Structure Plan, December 2017 (the PSP’s) to guide new urban development in the Plumpton and Kororoit areas. These were approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted in February 2018.

The PSPs are  long term plans for urban development and describe how land is expected to be developed; how and where services should be delivered, including the provision of basic and essential infrastructure to support development and the future communities of the Plumpton and Kororoit precincts (now the suburbs of Fraser Rise and Deanside).

When new development occurs it generates a need for new transport and community infrastructure to meet the requirements of new communities, such as the construction of roads, community facilities and sports reserves, including the land required for these facilities as well as land for local parks. An Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) is the primary method for local councils to collect funds to contribute towards the basic and essential local infrastructure new suburbs require.

The type and location of the local infrastructure, including public land, has been identified in both the Plumpton and Kororoit PSP’s. Table 8 – Precinct Infrastructure in both the Plumpton and Kororoit PSP’s identifies which infrastructure projects are to be funded through the ICP.

In order to fund the infrastructure items identified in Table 8 of the PSP’s, the VPA in consultation with Melton City Council and relevant agencies has prepared the Plumpton and Kororoit Infrastructure Contributions Plan, April 2018 (the ICP).

The ICP will be incorporated into the Melton Planning Scheme and implemented through Schedule 1 to Clause 45.11 – Infrastructure Contributions Overlay via Amendment C195 to the Melton Planning Scheme.

The merits and designs of the infrastructure items have been included in both the PSP’s and have been subject to a publicly deliberated and resolved process in accordance with the Planning & Environment Act 1987. Therefore, the current ICP amendment will not further consider the merits nor strategic need for each infrastructure item as this was resolved through the PSP process.

Instead, the purpose of Amendment C195 is to provide detail on the costings and specification of each of the required infrastructure items.

More information:

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Making a submission to Amendment C195

The VPA invited submissions to Amendment C195 until Friday 15 June 2018.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Harder, Senior Structure Planner on (03) 9651 9643 or via email

Supporting Documentation

Amendment C195 - Plumpton and Kororit ICP - April 2018
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