How to Apply – Closed

  • The Streamlining for Growth Program is eligible only for projects that benefit Local Government Authorities (LGAs). Applications can be made by LGAs or VPA staff when the project has been identified as a VPA strategic site or benefits one or more LGAs.
  • Funding of the Streamlining for Growth Program ceases 30 June 2020.

The questions in the application form deal with the following:

  • The levels of support needed for the project e.g. financial, VPA resourcing support.
  • Economic leveraging opportunities to be gained from funding the project.
  • Project background including the context and project-specific details including milestone deliverables.
  • Alignment of the project with Stream Objectives, Policy Objectives and Program Objectives. The objectives are included in the application form for easy reference.
  • Declarations and background document uploads.