Streamlining for Growth Program

About the Program

The Streamlining for Growth Program is funded by the Victorian State Government and managed by the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA). It aims to provide support and capacity building for councils in regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. Through the provision of targeted funding and staff resources, the program assists to unblock delays in the strategic planning system and speed up the delivery of projects that provide employment growth and/or increased housing choice, diversity and affordability.

The aims of the Program are:

In Regional Councils:

  • build council capacity through grants and assistance
  • ensure a land supply pipeline to facilitate regional growth
  • implement Regional Growth Plans
  • undertake master planning for strategic sites

Metropolitan Councils:

  • streamline post-PSP subdivision approvals processes and provide strategic planning backlog support in greenfield growth areas
  • provide strategic planning support for Councils in established areas, to clear backlogs that help unlock brownfield and strategic development sites


Laurie Mitchell – (03) 9651 9680 or
Dean Rochfort – (03) 9651 9689 or dean.rochfort@vpa.vic.go