VPA Procurement

Under the Financial Management Act 1994, the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) is responsible for setting the policies and standards for the supply, management and disposal of goods and services by Victorian government departments and agencies. By applying the VGPB policies to our own circumstances, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) aims to ensure value for money, probity and transparency in our procurement practices.

The VPA Procurement Policy and Procedures sets out:

  • VPA Procurement Policy
  • VPA Procurement Procedures
  • Request for Quote Procedures
  • Tendering Procedures; and
  • Contract Procedures.

The VPA has panel arrangements for most of the procurement that we undertake. There are eight panel categories that cover differing areas and expertise. Once the panel is established, purchases of property and services can be made directly from panel members without the need for further procurement processes. The Panel Members are appointed for an initial period of three years through a publicly advertised nomination process. The Panel Members are appointed after an assessment process. More detail can be found in our procurement process below.

VPA Procurement undertaken by the VPA will take into consideration, and be consistent with, as far as is practicable, the social and environmental principles and desired outcomes as detailed in the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework.

For further information, refer to the VPA Procurement Policy and Procedures – September 2021 (PDF)

VPA Procurement Strategy

In accordance with new Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) guidelines the VPA have prepared a procurement strategy. This procurement strategy has several key requirements necessary in order to be compliant with revised standing directions at 30 June 2022, these include the VPA preparing a:

  • supplier engagement plan
  • capability development plan
  • contract management planning strategy, and
  • procurement activity plan.

For further information, refer to the VPA Procurement Strategy – May 2022 (PDF)

Consultants and Contractors to the VPA

Consultants are required under the VPA Act to declare any conflicts of interest before providing advice to the VPA.  The Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees also extends to contractors/consultants in most circumstances. In addition, the VPA, like other Victorian Government bodies, has a requirement in its standard contract documentation that consultants/contractors engaged by the VPA have a duty to disclose and mitigate any conflict or potential conflict of interest situations.

Please see link for a list of Contractors and Consultants (PDF) referred to in the Victorian Planning Authority Annual Report 2020-2021 (PDF).

For more information, refer to the VPA Procurement Policy and Procedures – September 2021 (PDF).