Key capabilities of the VPA

Our functions

We are an integrated strategic urban planning organisation that delivers:

Urban Renewal planning: With 70% of Melbourne’s new housing expected to be within established areas, we focus on unlocking under-utilised areas for jobs, investment and housing in urban renewal precincts. You can read more about urban planning here.

Greenfields planning: We have been planning new suburbs across greater Melbourne since 2006. Our focus is on strengthening and streamlining our planning processes and better linking to infrastructure delivery for improved community outcomes. Read more about our role in planning for the Greenfields here.

Regional planning: Our regional cities and towns add vibrancy to our State and play a key role in boosting Victoria’s productivity. We work closely with councils to identify development and investment opportunities and provide support to streamline planning processes to support the growth of regional communities. Read more here.

Technical services and Infrastructure planning and coordination: We are focused on providing innovative technical solutions for our plans and better informing infrastructure planning and influence funding priorities.

Capacity building: We provide support for councils to facilitate delivery of projects through the State Government-funded Streamlining for Growth program.

Engagement and innovation: We ensure that local communities are actively engaged in our planning, and utilise 21st century tools to develop 21st century places.