Ballarat Station Southside Masterplan

Ballarat Station Southside Masterplan

Ballarat Station Southside Masterplan, once completed, will guide public realm improvements and investment opportunities within the precinct and will build upon the redevelopment of the northside of the station.

The Minister for Planning has directed the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to fast track the preparation of the Ballarat Station Southside Masterplan and its implementation into the planning scheme.   The project will be undertaken in partnership with the Ballarat City Council and VicTrack.

The project is currently in the pre-planning phase, we will shortly commence technical and background reporting to inform plan preparation. The VPA will undertake agency engagement on draft plans prior to releasing the draft planning scheme amendment and associated plans for final public consultation.

The Minister for Planning will determine if the project will utilise the VPA’s Projects Standing Advisory Committee to consider unresolved matters after public consultation and provide advice to the Minister and the VPA prior to finalising an amendment for the Minister’s consideration.

The VPA will be ensuring greater resources and prioritisation of the project’s finalisation occurs in a timely manner.

Located in within the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), Ballarat Station is a major transport gateway to the regional city.