Bannockburn South East Precinct Structure Plan

Bannockburn South East Precinct Structure Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is working in partnership with Golden Plains Shire to prepare a precinct structure plan for Bannockburn South East.

The precinct is located to the southeast of the existing Bannockburn township, approximately 16km north-west of Geelong. The precinct structure plan was put forward as a priority growth area in the Bannockburn Growth Plan to deliver residential development in the short term, and encompasses an area of 523ha bounded by the existing urban area to the north, the Future Growth Option to the east, the railway line to the south and Bruce’s Creek to the west.

The Bannockburn South East Precinct Structure Plan is expected to accommodate upwards of 3,700 dwellings, and will include provision for new open space networks, community facilities, schools, transport connections and a local activity centre.

Background information

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) plans for growth in new suburbs in the urban growth boundary and renewal sites in parts of metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. It reports to the Minister for Planning.

The VPA has a substantial role as the state strategic planning authority across Victoria, working closely with councils, government agencies and the planning and development community on integrated land use and infrastructure coordination for strategically important development sites and precincts.

Our major tasks include unlocking the land for new homes and communities, facilitating housing diversity and affordability, job creation and better development of new communities in new and established areas.

The Minister for Planning has appointed the VPA to lead this project from conception to finalisation. Throughout the project, we will work closely with Golden Plains Shire Council, State Government agencies and local community members to ensure the plan considers and reflects their input.

A precinct structure plan is a high-level strategic plan prepared by a planning authority that sets out the preferred location of land uses and infrastructure. It also guides the staging of development, subdivision permits, building permits and infrastructure delivery.

Bannockburn is one of the fastest growing towns in regional Victoria. The population is expected to reach more than 13,000 people by 2036, but there’s a shortage of land available to develop for new houses. The Precinct Structure Plan will provide an integrated plan to accommodate this growth in the short term in a sustainable matter, and will ensure this growth is coordinated with needed services, infrastructure and community facilities.

Bannockburn is the largest town in Golden Plains Shire. The Victorian Government and Council see it as an ideal place to support Golden Plains’ growing population, thanks to its existing infrastructure and amenity.

The Bannockburn South East Precinct was defined and put forward as a priority growth area as part of the work conducted for the Bannockburn Growth Plan. The Growth Plan sets out a vision for the long-term growth of Bannockburn and includes preliminary outcomes and high level planning work that will be used to guide the development and direction of the Bannockburn South East Precinct Structure Plan.