Bendigo West Infrastructure Action Plan

Bendigo West Infrastructure Action Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) provided services to the City of Greater Bendigo in the preparation of the Bendigo West Infrastructure Action Plan including project facilitation, infrastructure contribution planning support and project management.

To support ongoing residential growth, the City of Greater Bendigo identified a number of areas for new residential development of a greenfield and infill nature to meet project demands.

The outer suburb of Maiden Gully and township of Marong, located to Bendigo’s west are seen as two key areas that can support a large proportion of future growth for the city. Maiden Gully and Marong are anticipated to provide for at least a quarter of all new residential growth over the next 20 years in Bendigo. Bendigo’s west is also well placed to support increased access to employment land and job opportunities for future residents of Bendigo.

With these opportunities comes the challenges of managing the City’s sustainable urban growth and maintaining the quality of life and amenity that makes Bendigo so special. Some of these challenges will include providing local access to education, employment, recreation and a variety of community and government services.

To meet anticipated demand, a coordinated response from Local and State Government Departments, Agencies and infrastructure providers will be required to unlock the urban and economic growth opportunities of Bendigo’s west. The Bendigo West Infrastructure Action Plan will provide a blueprint and vehicle to assist in the coordination and delivery of outcomes for the area.