Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan

Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has prepared Amendment C106mith to the Mitchell Planning Scheme, being the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan (the PSP) and has released the amendment for public comment. The VPA has prepared the plan with the assistance of Mitchell Shire Council, government agencies, service authorities and key stakeholders.

The Beveridge North West precinct contains generous plains, gently sloping valleys and undulating hills inclusive of distinctive hilltops and remnant volcanic cones, while Kalkallo Creek flows through the western portion of the PSP.

The PSP applies to approximately 1250 hectares of land generally bounded by the Hume Freeway to the east, Camerons Lane to the south, Old Sydney Road to the west and Hadfield Road reservation to the north.

The PSP proposes a long-term plan for urban development. It describes how the land is expected to be developed, and how and where services are planned to support the creation of a new community.

To view a copy of the Beveridge North West exhibition documents, please see the Supporting Documentation section at the bottom of the page.

Key Ideas

Integrated open space and connectivity

The Beveridge North West precinct has an integrated open space networks, incorporating water courses, linear parks and landscape values areas.  The active transport network is integrated into this open space network ensuring safe and attractive trails and paths for walking, running and cycling.  These connections provide convenient and safe access to the local town centres, community facilities and schools.

Housing Diversity

Future residents will enjoy genuine diversity of housing product, which will range from conventional residential lots through to well-designed higher density housing near the town centres. The unique topography of the site offers the opportunity to provide bespoke housing, that responds to the landscape through design and orientation, on the hillsides.

Site responsive

The Beveridge North West future urban structure responds to the underlying landscape that includes rolling hills to the north and Kalkallo Creek to the west.  The plan protects and enhances these features while utilising them them provide a sense of place and an attractive environment for the new Beveridge community.


The PSP aims to balance the need for certain urban outcomes with flexibility to allow innovative neighbourhood design. This has been achieved through the careful balancing of requirements and guidelines that ensuring high quality urban outcomes while allowing the responsible authority discretion around innovative solutions.

A flexible approach is also taken to the planning for the southern town centre.  The PSP provides performance requirements and guidelines for each component of the town centre that the future developer will need to integrate into a holistic plan that will guide the development of the town centre.

Interactive Map for Beveridge North West PSP

Previous consultation

Planning for the Beveridge North West precinct originally commenced in 2013, before being placed on hold. Past community consultation documents can be accessed for your information below:

Landowner Update – December 2013

Landowner Bulletin – July 2014

Landowner Newsletter – September 2014

Making a submission to Amendement C106 Beveridge North West PSP

Making a submission to Amendment C106 Beveridge North West PSP

Submissions to Amendment C106 Beveridge North West PSP will be accepted until 7, October, 2019.

You can submit your comments to the plan by referencing Amendment C106 or Beveridge North West and completing one of the following steps:

Victorian Planning Authority
c/- Amendment C106 or Beveridge North West
Level 25, 35 Collins Street

Community Drop-In Sessions

Mitchell Shire Council and the VPA will be holding two community drop-in sessions to give you an opportunity to view the draft plan and discuss the proposal.

Please feel free to drop-in at any time to meet with VPA planners at any of the following sessions:

Community drop-in session 1

When: Thursday, 19 September 2019, 4.00pm to 8.00pm


Greater Beveridge Community Centre

Corner of Lithgow Street and Mandalay Circuit

Beveridge 3753

Community drop-in session 2

When: Wednesday, 25 September 2019,  4.00pm to 8.00pm


Greater Beveridge Community Centre

Corner of Lithgow Street and Mandalay Circuit

Beveridge 3753


Background Information

A Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is a land use and infrastructure plan to guide development of the area over time. It sets out the intended Future Urban Structure detailing land uses, infrastructure and built-form outcomes to be reflected by development applications. Together with the broader planning framework, precinct structure planning is an important part of the State Government’s strategy to address population growth, housing and employment demands.

The plan considers the:

  • existing natural features of the site
  • surrounding uses
  • infrastructure needs of the community.

Several technical investigations have been undertaken to prepare the draft plan including:

  • retail and employment
  • transport
  • Aboriginal heritage
  • environment and biodiversity.

The VPA has prepared the plan with the assistance of:

  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • government agencies
  • service authorities
  • key stakeholders.

The draft plan proposes the following changes to the Mitchell Planning Scheme:

  • Rezones land in the PSP area to Urban Growth Zone 3 (UGZ3) and Rural Conservation Zone (RCZ)
  • Inserts Schedule 3 to Clause 37.07 Urban Growth Zone (UGZ) into the Mitchell Planning Scheme
  • Inserts Schedule 4 to Clause 43.03 Incorporated Plan Overlay (IPO) into the Mitchell Planning Scheme
  • Deletes the Erosion Management Overlay (EMO) and Vegetation Protection Overlay Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 (VPO1, VPO2) from land in the Amendment area
  • Incorporated the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan into the planning scheme by listing it in the Schedule to Clause 72.04

We have worked to refine the RCZ land to ensure that it delivers the best outcomes it can. This includes:

  • preserving landscape values
  • allowing appropriate development of the area
  • maintained of an east-west green link that clearly divides Wallan and Beveridge.

The refined RCZ now encompasses areas with significant slope and topographic constraints.

About the Precinct

The Beveridge North West PSP provides a strong framework for the delivery of a resilient community.

This will be achieved through:

  • planning for early delivery of facilities
  • flexibility to enable innovative neighbourhood design
  • a sensitive response to the landscape.

The precinct will be defined by:

  • its high-quality residential neighbourhoods
  • picturesque location nestled between ridgelines
  • prominent volcanic cones and rolling hills.

A significant network of open spaces formed by water ways, hilltops and linear parks will connect the diverse residential neighbourhoods within the area.

Beveridge North West will be home to well serviced communities who will have access to a range of facilities which will be located next to the new local town centres.

The natural landscape will be enhanced by:

  • replanting of trees along Kalkallo Creek and on the hilltops
  • construction of wetlands
  • construction of water retention facilities on the open plains
  • setting aside land for parks on key hills and valleys.

The PSP shows key infrastructure projects for the precinct. These include:

  • a connection to the Hume Freeway at Camerons Lane
  • local arterial roads that will support public transport
  • streets and trails that encourage walking and cycling to local destinations.

Project Information

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and Mitchell Shire Council have prepared the draft Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan. It will guide new urban development and reserve land for key infrastructure within the precinct.

A draft plan is now being exhibited for community feedback. The draft plan proposes new homes, local parks, community uses and key infrastructure.

Once approved, the Mitchell Planning Scheme will be amended to incorporate the final PSP.

The Beveridge North West precinct contains:

  • generous plains
  • gently sloping valleys
  • undulating hills
  • distinctive hilltops
  • remnant volcanic cones
  • Kalkallo Creek.

The draft plan is a response to these prominent landscape features and works to protect and enhance these. The plan includes more than 80 hectares of parklands and sporting fields. Furthermore it will feature a distinct integrated open space and trail network.

The draft plan also supports:

  • 7 future school sites
  • 2 local convenience centres
  • 4 community centres
  • 4 local town centres
  • Approximately 16,200 new homes; and
  • Approximately 180 hectares of landscape values areas.

The Beveridge North West precinct is generally bounded by:

  • the Hume Freeway to the east
  • Camerons Lane to the south
  • Old Sydney Road to the west and
  • Hadfield Road reservation to the north.

A quarry operator has proposed a quarry on the northern eastern side of the PSP, immediately east of Spring Hill Cone. No planning permit has been granted at this time. The Minister for Planning has determined that the PSP will be exhibited without the quarry shown on the Future Urban Structure and this has been communicated to land owners and affected parties.

A density target of 20 dwellings per developable hectare is proposed in the PSP.

Camerons Lane interchange with the Hume Freeway is an important future infrastructure element required to support the development the Beveridge North West PSP and surrounding areas.

The VPA is working with relevant stakeholders to secure a delivery and implementation strategy to facilitate the delivery of Camerons Lane Interchange for the precinct.

The PSP plans for the provision of new arterial and connector roads including intersections that will be delivered progressively as the area develops. The road network is planned to accommodate both pedestrian and cyclists with an off-road trail network linked to the open space network.

An ICP is a simplified system for funding basic and essential local infrastructure required by a new community.

The ICP may be made of one or two parts, a standard levy and/ or a supplementary levy. The standard levy is a pre-set rate that may be used to fund transport, community and recreation infrastructure and public land provision. In particular circumstances a supplementary levy may also apply.[TM4]

Why is this work happening?

Melbourne’s population is growing, and key Victorian Government planning policies, including Plan Melbourne and Homes for Victorians, acknowledge the importance of increasing housing options and affordability.

Next Steps

The Beveridge North West PSP will be on exhibition from 05 September 2019 to 07 October 2019. The general public and key stakeholders are invited to make a submission on the draft plan.

After the exhibition period closes, the VPA will review all submissions and the plan will be refined to best accommodate desired community and stakeholder recommendations. The refined plan and key recommendations may also be considered by an independent planning panel to guide decisions on the final plan.

The general public and key stakeholders are invited to make a submission on the draft plan.

Submissions to the plan must be made in writing:

  • Online at
  • To the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and sent via email to
  • To the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) via post to the postal address below:

Victorian Planning Authority

Re: Amendment C106 or Beveridge North West PSP

Level 25, 35 Collins Street


Supporting Documentation

BNW Background Summary August 2019
PDF  Version
Land Capability - Groundwater Quality Assessment - Jacobs - June 2014
PDF  Version
Economic Assessment - Ethos Urban - July 2019
PDF  Version
Arboriculture Assessment - Tree Logic - November 2013
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Bushfire Development Report - Terramatrix - July 2019
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Scattered Tree Assessment - Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd - November 2013
PDF  Version
Aboriginal Heritage Impact Assessment - AHMS - February 2014
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Post Contact Assessment - AHMS - February 2014
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Targeted Cultural Values Assessment - Wurundjeri Corporation - October 2014 (Revised 2019)
PDF  Version
Landscape and Visual Assessment - Planisphere - October 2014
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Site Suitability Assessment - Jacobs - July 2014
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Wallan Beveridge Extractive Resource Analysis - Coffey - 15 November 2017
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Utilities Servicing and Infrastructure Assessment - Cardno - March 2014
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Strategic Transport Modelling Assessment - GTA Consultants - December 2018
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Beveridge North West Newsletter - August 2019
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