Braybrook Regeneration Project

Braybrook Regeneration Project

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is leading the Braybrook Regeneration Project.

The scope of the project includes the preparation of a Urban Design Framework (UDF) and associated draft Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA) to support the regeneration of Braybrook area south of Ballarat Road.

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Map of the Braybrook Region

Project objectives

This project aims to:

  • provide greater diversity of housing options
  • ensure future growth contributes to an attractive neighbourhood with a strong sense of community
  • enhance local centres and community services
  • improve active transport and public transport options
  • enhance street tree planting
  • create new and better public open space
  • create a new local character area that reflects the qualities of Braybrook.

Bicycle Path In Braybrook

VPA Fast Track Program

The Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan has been identified as a project on the VPA’s Fast Track Program. You can read more about the VPA’s Fast Track Program here.

The project will use the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee to consider unresolved matters and provide advice to the Minister and the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) prior to VPA finalising the amendment for the Minister for Planning’s consideration.

Opportunities to get involved

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) will undertake three phases of engagement to seek the views of the community and stakeholders in preparing the Urban Design Framework (UDF) and draft Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA).

In Phase 1 of consultation in November and December 2020, targeted community stakeholder conversations will occur with local community service organisations, interest groups and businesses to explore local issues and opportunities for the future of Braybrook. The feedback collected from Phase 1 engagement will inform the draft UDF.

Next, the VPA will seek input from the broader Braybrook community in early 2021 as part of its Phase 2 consultation. Community members will be able to view and provide feedback on the draft UDF through a series of public engagement activities. More information on how to get involved will be provided in the coming months.

The VPA will then use this feedback to prepare a revised draft UDF and draft PSA. This will form the basis of the Phase 3 community consultation in mid-2021.

If approved, the PSA will change the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme and bring the new planning provisions into force.

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