Cardinia Creek South (formerly McPherson)

Amendment C221 to Casey Planning Scheme

The Cardinia Creek South Precinct Structure Plan (formerly McPherson) was approved by the Minister for Planning in December 2018 and gazetted in January 2019 under Amendment C221 to the Casey Planning Scheme.

To view a copy of the final amendment documentation, including the PSP, please see the links below:

Cardinia Creek South Precinct Structure Plan (December 2018)

Amendment C221

About the PSP

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has worked closely with Casey City Council to prepare and exhibit the plan and associated documentation under Amendment C221 to the Casey Planning Scheme.

Due to the commencement of planning for a new Clyde Regional Park south of the PSP area on Ballarto Road (click here for more information), Amendment C221 has been split into two parts to leave out the area affected by the previously proposed location of the Regional Park within the PSP area. Planning for part 2 area of the Cardinia Creek South PSP will commence after the location of the Clyde Regional Park is confirmed by Government.

The Cardinia Creek South PSP (Part 1) covers an area of approximately 849 hectares and is bounded by Cardinia Creek to the north and east, Ballarto Road to the south, Smiths Lane and the future Bells Road to the west, and Muddy Gates Lane, and McCormacks road to the east.

This new community will have 22% open space, including 21 scenic parks and two conservation areas, four schools and two local town centres. It will include the gradual development of 10,000 homes and 1600 jobs.

Cardinia Creek South Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP)

The Cardinia Creek South Infrastructure Contribution Plan (ICP) was gazetted on 23 April 2019 under Amendment C257 to the Casey Planning Scheme.

For more information, please refer to the Fact Sheets below:

  • Fact sheet number 1 on the Planning and Environment Amendment (Public Land Contributions)  Act 2018 is available here.
  • Fact sheet number 2 on ICP implementation is available here.

Interactive Map of Cardinia Creek South PSP

Background Information

Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are plans for local areas that usually cater for a significant increase in jobs and residences. They are the blueprint for localised development and investment that will occur over many years, and incorporate the relevant directions outlined in higher level planning strategies.

PSPs provide specific detail and planning for the provision of important features that support local communities such land for employment and housing, roads, shopping centres, schools, parks, community centres, sporting facilities, wetlands and key transport connections.

Yes, this plan is within the existing Urban Growth Boundary, and has been since 2010.

Project Information

The Cardinia Creek South Precinct Structure Plan (Amendment C221) has been approved. The last stage of the planning process will be the approval of the associated Infrastructure Contribution Plan (ICP), which will allow development of a new residential community in Clyde and Clyde North.

This precinct will ultimately support a residential community of approximately 28,100 people and deliver more than 1,600 local jobs. It will also capture funding from developers to help fund local infrastructure to support the community.

‘Cardinia Creek South’ is a working title of the plan only and not the name of any future suburb. This plan applies to land within Clyde and Clyde North and these suburb names will remain after the plan is approved.

Although prepared and exhibited as the McPherson Precinct Structure Plan, the name has been changed after it was discovered by local historians that the soldier the plan was named after was from Clydesdale rather than Clyde, as originally thought.

Anchoring the name of the precinct structure plan to the local geographic feature of Cardinia Creek is therefore considered an appropriate solution. The land affected by this plan is just south of Cardinia Creek.

  • 10,030 dwellings and 28,100 people
  • 1,600 jobs
  • Two local town centres
  • Four sports reserves
  • Three government primary schools, one government secondary school
  • Four local integrated community centres
  • 21 local parks and two conservation areas with Cardinia Creek and Clyde Creek
  • Off road cycling and shared paths along arterial roads, connector roads and within linear open spaces
  • Road upgrades will include the extension of Thompsons Road, Pattersons Road and Bells Road, most of which will be funded by development levies.

The Cardinia Creek South Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is located in Clyde North and Clyde, approximately 48km south-east of the Melbourne CBD, at the eastern edge of the South-East Growth Corridor.

The PSP shares its western boundary with the approved Clyde Creek (2014), Thompsons Road (2014 and Clyde North (2012) PSPs. The yet-to-be-commenced Officer Employment PSP is located directly to the north of the PSP. Construction of housing estates within the adjoining areas is underway along with several shopping centres.

The PSP will establish two conservation areas along Cardinia Creek and Clyde Creek. The PSP enables the protection of native vegetation and vegetation of landscape value.

Buses are currently running along main roads into the nearby residential precincts to the west. Over time, as further residential development continues, buses will also run from the precinct to major activity centres and transport hubs in the south-east. Cranbourne Railways Station is the nearest existing railway station.

In addition, a railway station is proposed in future for Clyde, in an activity centre that is just 2.7km from the precinct, west of Ballarto Road.

Road upgrades will include the extension of Thompsons Road, Pattersons Road and Bells Road, most of which will be funded by development levies.

Existing employment areas include establishing areas in Clyde North, Cranbourne West and the state-significant industrial precinct in Pakenham South. The precinct is also a 25-minute drive south from Frankston and 25-minute drive west from the Dandenong National Employment & Innovation Cluster, a major manufacturing hub.  Planning for a major 11,000 strong jobs hub is also nearing completion in the Minta Farm precinct, which is only around 2km to the north of Cardinia Creek South.

One state secondary school, three state primary schools and one non-government school.

The PSP plans for 18 dwellings per net hectare in defined areas around town centres, school and sports reserves and 16 dwellings per net hectare outside of these areas to ensure the character of these areas is maintained.

Community Engagement

The amendment went through a full amendment process, which included public exhibition and drop-in sessions where residents could meet with planners and ask questions. Landowners and residents were able to make submissions the plan, which was then reviewed by an independent planning panel.

Infrastructure Contributions

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) are undertaking a review of the ICP process.

To ensure as little delay as possible, the VPA and DELWP have prioritised the ICP work program. It is expected that the ICP for Cardinia Creek South will be submitted for Ministerial approval in early 2019.

For more information, please refer to the Fact Sheets below:

  • Fact sheet number 1 on the Public Land Act 2018 is available here.
  • Fact sheet number 2 on ICP implementation is available here.
  • Fact sheet number 3 on ICP requirements for changed approach is available here.

Supporting Documentation

Casey C221 - Panel Report - December 2017
PDF  Version
Casey C221 McPherson PSP - Panel Version - Sept 2017
PDF  Version
McPherson Landowner Newsletter
PDF  Version
McPherson Information Leaflet
PDF  Version
Draft Key Issues Paper - 2014
PDF  Version
Cardinia Creek South Precinct Structure Plan - December 2018 (approved and gazetted)
PDF  Version
Cardinia Creek South - ICP - April 2019 (approved and gazetted)
PDF  Version