Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan

Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and City of Hume are planning for a green and vibrant new neighbourhood in Craigieburn West.

The Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) (PDF) proposes a long-term plan for the development of a new neighbourhood in Melbourne’s north. It describes how Craigieburn West is expected to develop and plans for services and infrastructure to support the new community. The Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan is the final Precinct Structure Plan in the Craigieburn residential area.

The Vision

Craigieburn West will develop as a series of predominantly residential neighbourhoods supported by a new local town centre.

The precinct will create a series of walkable neighbourhoods arranged along a north–south spine including open space links and key road connections. The precinct will also enhance the heritage and landscape features of the area and maximize the retention of established native vegetation.

The precinct will feature schools, community hubs, and different types of housing to support a diverse community, as well as a range of open spaces, including conservation reserves, active open spaces, and a network of local parks.

The Precinct Structure Plan plans to complete the network of green links across the greater Craigieburn area. It also plans for a sensitive transition between the residential neighbourhood and the rural land west of Mickleham Road.

Members of the new Craigieburn West community will have easy access to nearby Craigieburn Central, Aston Village and Highlands Village, as well as new local facilities including a new local town centre with open space and community facilities and a series of potential government and nongovernment schools.

VPA Fast Track Program

The Craigieburn West PSP is part of the VPA Fast Track Program You can read more about the VPA’s Fast Track Program here.

As part of the VPA Fast Track Program, if required, the Craigieburn West PSP project will be subject to the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee (VPA SAC)The project will use the VPA SAC to consider unresolved matters and provide advice to the Minister for Planning and the VPA prior to the VPA finalising the amendment for the Minister’s consideration.

Interactive map of Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan

Have your say

The VPA invites submissions on the Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan. You can provide feedback until 5:00pm Friday 18 December 2020.

To register your attendance at a virtual meeting and for more information on making a submission to the Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan, head to the Victorian government’s EngageVIC platform here.

Background Information

A Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is a land use and infrastructure plan to guide development of the area over time. It sets out the intended future land uses, infrastructure and built form outcomes to be reflected by development applications.

Together with the broader planning framework, Precinct Structure Planning is an important part of the State Government’s strategy to address population growth, housing and employment demands.

The draft plan considers the: 

  • existing natural features of the site
  • surrounding uses
  • infrastructure needs of the community.

Several technical investigations have been undertaken to prepare the draft plan including: 

  • economic and retail assessment
  • geotechnical assessment
  • traffic and transport assessment (existing conditions)
  • Aboriginal Heritage and Post Contract Heritage assessment
  • land contamination assessment
  • landscape assessment
  • Integrated Water Management 
  • Arboricultural assessment
  • Services and utilities assessment

The VPA has prepared the draft plan with the assistance of: 

  • Hume City Council;
  • State Government agencies;
  • Service authorities; and 
  • key stakeholders. 

Project Information

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) in conjunction with Hume City Council are working to prepare the Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan to guide new urban development and the delivery of key infrastructure within the Craigieburn West site.

The draft plan will deliver land to support a range of housing types, jobs, local parks, community uses, schools and key infrastructure.

Once finalised, the PSP will be incorporated into the Hume Planning Scheme to implement the final plan.

The plan will support the development of a new community with approximately 8,300 new homes on a variety of lot sizes to support the housing and affordability needs of the growing community.

The draft plan responds to the existing significant features of the Craigieburn West precinct. As such, it will protect and enhance nationally significant conservation areas.

The plan includes more than 116 hectares of open space, including local parks, sporting fields, waterways and conservation areas.

  • The draft plan also includes:
  • 1 local town centre
  • 2 local community facilities
  • 2 future government primary school sites
  • 1 future government secondary school site
  • 1 future non-government school site
  • 16 local parks, active open spaces, and a north-south linear park.

The Craigieburn West precinct is generally bounded by:

  • Mt Ridley Roadand Lindum Vale PSP to the north;
  • Craigieburn PSP (referred to as R2) to the east;
  • Greenvale North PSP(R1) to the south; and
  • Mickleham Road and theUrban Growth Boundary to the west.

The PSP proposes an overall average density target of 20 dwellings per developable hectare. The density of 26 dwellings per developable hectare is targeted within the town centre walkable catchment.

The draft plan includes multiple key employment areas that will support a diverse range of business enterprises.

  • Local Town Centre including supermarket, specialty retail and commercial floor space
  • Employment in the education (proposed school) and social services (community centre) sectors
  • The Craigieburn West PSP is located within a 20 minute commute of a number of significant employment hubs, which include (but are not limited to):
    • Melbourne International Airport
    • The Craigieburn, Coolaroo and Campbellfield industrial precincts; and
    • Merrifield City
  • The Craigieburn West precinct is also within a 20-minute commute of the Craigieburn Rail Station, providing rail access to the Melbourne CBD and other parts of Melbourne.

The draft plan will facilitate a transport network that integrates with the surrounding established areas and supports active and public transport options, movement of goods and connections to jobs.

An ICP is a simplified system for funding basic and essential local infrastructure required by a new community.

An ICP may be made of one or two parts: a standard levy and/ or a supplementary levy. The standard levy is a pre-set rate that may be used to fund transport, community and recreation infrastructure and public land provision. In particular circumstances, a supplementary levy may also apply.

The plan includes a precinct infrastructure contributions plan that identifies key infrastructure to support future uses.

A standard Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) will detail the local infrastructure items such as key road connections, integrated community facilities, parks and sports-fields. The ICP will ensure developers in the Craigieburn West precinct contribute to the cost of providing new intersections, local open space and community facilities.

The Craigieburn West ICP is not included as an exhibited document as it is proposed to be a standard levy. Standard levy ICPs are exempt from public consultation and notification.

About the Precinct

The Craigieburn West Precinct is located in the Hume City Council local government area, in Melbourne’s North Growth Corridor.

The precinct covers approximately 562 hectares of land generally bounded by Mt Ridley Road to the north, Craigieburn PSP (R2) to the east, Greenvale North PSP (R1) to the south, and the Urban Growth Boundary to the west.

How can I get involved?

The general public and key stakeholders are invited to make a submission on draft plan.

Submissions to the plan must be made in writing:

Victorian Planning Authority
Re: Draft Amendment to the Hume Planning Scheme – Craigieburn West PSP
Level 25, 35 Collins Street

The Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan will be on final public consultation until 5:00pm Friday 18 December 2020. The general public and key stakeholders are invited to make submissions on the draft plan.

After the final public consultation period closes, the VPA will review all submissions and the plan will be refined to best accommodate desired community and stakeholder recommendations. The refined plan and key recommendations may also be considered by an advisory committee to guide decisions on the final plan.

Why is this work happening?

The Craigieburn area has been earmarked for urban development for more than a decade, and forms part of Melbourne’s North Growth Corridor.

Being part of the North Growth Corridor means that the land has already been identified to transition to accommodate new homes, jobs, schools and community uses.

The VPA is working to deliver on the Victorian Government’s objectives to speed up the delivery of new housing and employment in Melbourne to meet the needs of a growing population and provide homes and jobs for Victorians.

Providing more land for housing and jobs will mean Melburnians have access to a range of homes that suit different needs, budgets and lifestyle choices. It also helps put downward pressure on housing prices.

Land planned for residential and employment uses will be supported by community facilities, open space, shops, a proposed school and essential services such as water, sewer and electricity.

Supporting Documentation

CWPSP Outcomes Report - FINAL November 2019
CWPSP Outcomes Report - FINAL November 2019 PDF  Version
Craigieburn West PSP - How to make a Submission - November 2020
Craigieburn West PSP - How to make a Submission - November 2020 DOCX  Version
Craigieburn R2 Precinct Structure Plan - September 2010 (Amended November 2020)

The Craigieburn R2 PSP is also being amended to ensure consistency between it and the Craigieburn West PSP, specifically to include a cross section regarding Whites Lane, which is within both PSP's. The amendment to the Craigieburn R2 PSP is included in this process and is also open for public consultation.

Craigieburn R2 Precinct Structure Plan - September 2010 (Amended November 2020) PDF  Version
Craigieburn West - PSP 1068 - Draft - Local Park (LP-09) Concept Plan - November 2020
Craigieburn West - PSP 1068 - Draft - Local Park (LP-09) Concept Plan - November 2020 PDF  Version
Craigieburn West - PSP 1068 - Background Report - Draft for Public Consultation - November 2020
Craigieburn West - PSP 1068 - Background Report - Draft for Public Consultation - November 2020 DOCX  Version
Craigieburn West PSP 1068 - Arboricultural Assessment Report (Treetec) February 2019
Craigieburn West PSP 1068 - Arboricultural Assessment Report (Treetec) February 2019 PDF  Version
Craigieburn West PSP - Project Brochure - November 2020
Craigieburn West PSP - Project Brochure - November 2020 PDF  Version