East of Aberline Precinct Structure Plan

East of Aberline Precinct Structure Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is assisting Warrnambool City Council in the preparation of the East of Aberline Precinct Structure Plan to guide new urban development in Warrnambool.

The PSP will provide up to 4000 homes to accommodate a population of more than 9,000. The PSP will also provide approximately 500 jobs, while improving community facilities and local parks.

The PSP area is one of six identified growth areas to be developed for residential purposes with Warrnambool. The PSP is well located adjacent to other key development sites identified in the Warrnambool Planning Scheme, being the Eastern Activity Precinct and the Horne Road Industrial Precinct. The PSP area covers approximately 360 hectares of land and is located between Wangoom Road to the north, Dales Road to the south, Aberline Road to the west, and Horne Road to the east. The northern boundary of the growth corridor abuts the municipal boundary of Moyne Shire.

Key opportunities for the precinct include:

  • Encouraging a range of housing types and residential densities
  • Providing community infrastructure in in consideration of facilities available in the surrounding areas
  • Take advantage of natural features including remnant vegetation along fence lines and dams and provide for passive recreation, revegetation and education opportunities whilst preserving key view lines
  • Integrate with adjoining Activity Centre and employment areas
  • Flood mitigation and improvements to drainage
  • Provide active transport initiatives such as reducing car dependency and support low carbon footprint, by encouraging a permeable street network, higher densities along main transport routes and locating key activities where transport routes intersect.

The following principles have been developed to define how the neighbourhood character and sense of place will be developed through the PSP process:

  • Plan for environmental sustainability
  • Sustainable building design, including lot orientation
  • Encourage low carbon neighbourhoods
  • Integrate transport and land use planning
  • Create a precinct with high amenity and character and manage land use conflicts at the edge of Warrnambool’s settlement boundary
  • Create diverse and vibrant new communities
  • Protect biodiversity, waterways and cultural heritage values
  • Create integrated open space networks
  • Ensure the efficient and orderly provision of infrastructure and services.

Further information, including technical reports are available on Council’s website: https://www.warrnambool.vic.gov.au/east-aberline-precinct-structure-plan