Richmond to Docklands precinct

Richmond to Docklands precinct – Status

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has completed its work for this project which identified the opportunities and connections within the corridor. The advice was preparatory information and is internal to government. The Department of Transport (DOT) is lead department for the Richmond to Flinders Transport Precinct.  The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) is the lead department for the Docklands Business Precinct.

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The VPA work with state and local government and other key stakeholders for the Richmond to Docklands urban renewal precinct, including the Southbank Arts Precinct.

The precinct is of great cultural significance and has a long history of welcoming people from near and far to gather and celebrate sport, art and life. The collection of sporting, art and cultural venues contributes to Victoria’s world-famous liveability and helps place Melbourne on the global stage, attracting millions of domestic and international visitors.

The precinct also takes in Melbourne’s most prized gardens and public spaces – including Kings Domain, Yarra Park and the Yarra River.

Any potential further planning, development or other initiatives within the precinct will be led by the relevant departments.

The below image is of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

External façade of the MCG with a crowd

External façade of the MCG