Greater Broadmeadows

Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan

Greater Broadmeadows is located at the gateway to the northern growth corridor of Melbourne, 15km and a 30 minute train ride from Melbourne’s CBD.

The Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan sets out a shared vision for the area for the next three decades. It outlines a range of actions required to achieve this vision. This includes the creation of a vibrant town centre, the facilitation of a range of diverse housing opportunities, the identification of public transport and local road issues and a strong focus on improving the public realm to encourage both public and private development.

Community consultation

 In April 2016, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and Hume City Council released a set of key ideas for guiding Greater Broadmeadows’ urban renewal. A Draft Framework Plan was subsequently released for community and agency consultation in May 2017.

The feedback received from those consultation processes helped inform the preparation of the final Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan.

Background information

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) reports to the Minister for Planning and plans for growth in new suburbs in the urban growth boundary and renewal sites in parts of metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The VPA has a substantial role as the state strategic planning authority across Victoria, working closely with councils, government agencies and the planning and development community on integrated land use and infrastructure coordination for strategically important development sites and precincts.

Our major tasks include unlocking the supply of land and facilitating housing diversity and affordability, job creation and better development of new communities in new and established areas such as Broadmeadows.

The VPA coordinates state agencies and has been working closely with Hume City Council to consider infrastructure and service needs in areas where urban renewal may occur. Greater Broadmeadows is located at the gateway to the northern growth corridor of Melbourne and is an important area for future investment and growth.

Greater Broadmeadows is in transition. Its excellent locational advantages, transport connections and catalyst infrastructure projects provide a strong base upon which to build future growth. The Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan was prepared to guide investment and urban renewal to unlock the area’s potential.

The VPA and Hume City Council have been working together to ensure there is a joint state and local government focus on the actions that need to happen to help transform Broadmeadows.


Developing a future plan for Greater Broadmeadows has been an ongoing process since the release of the Broadmeadows Structure Plan in 2012.

In April 2016, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and Hume City Council released a set of key ideas for guiding urban renewal in the Greater Broadmeadows area. Feedback from the community on those ideas helped us prepare a Draft Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan, which was released for community feedback in April 2017.

The feedback received from those consultation processes has helped shape the planning for the Greater Broadmeadows area, especially around amenity and transport improvements, the need for more housing options and a focus on jobs. You can read more about these in the Broadmeadows community engagement report.

The VPA and Hume City Council have now finalised the Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan. You can view a copy of the plan here.


Greater Broadmeadows takes in the area bordered by the Western Ring Road in the South, Moonee Ponds Creek in the west, Barry Road in the north and Sydney road to the east. It includes most of the suburbs of Broadmeadows, Jacana, Dallas, the Maygar Barracks, the Upfield Ford site and the industrial park near Campbellfield.

Next steps


The VPA led a whole-of-government collaboration with Hume to prepare a framework plan that will guide the transformation of Greater Broadmeadows by setting a strategic direction for the area. The plan confirms the future vision for the area, sets out key principles, outlines strategic outcome areas and has an implementation plan that details how the key actions will be implemented.

The Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan outlines 5 strategic outcome areas to unlock the potential for redevelopment.

You can read more about each strategic outcome area by selecting it from the list below:

You can read more about any of these strategic outcome areas in the framework plan here

The framework plan incorporates many of the themes, projects and ideas presented in the 2012 Structure plan. It builds on those elements to recognise new ideas and opportunities and investigate changes in the wider Greater Broadmeadows area.

Informed by the community consultation conducted around the key ideas in 2016 and 2017, the framework plan has resulted in additional projects being identified and included in the Implementation Plan.

Potential changes in land use will be implemented through an amendment to the Hume Planning Scheme. Non-planning matters that need funding such as streetscape improvements and major transport projects will be pursued through the implementation plan and will also involve a range of actions through council’s budget, the collection of development contributions and advocacy to other levels of government.

How will the community and local businesses be affected?

Hume City Council is reviewing its residential zones in the main Hume Central area, which may lead to some limited rezoning for key redevelopment sites. Further rezonings may be considered in line with the Framework Plan. When proposals are fully developed, they will be progressed through a planning scheme amendment process that will give community members the chance to have their say.

No. There will be master planning of those areas in the future which will work closely with current landowners. Long-term planning for the area will enable landowners to make informed decisions about how they wish to use their land into the future.

A redevelopment of the train station was promised by the Victorian Government in 2009. A change of government led to that money no longer being allocated to Broadmeadows. However, the recent $14.3m investment by the Victorian Government includes $4million for an upgrade of part of the station that should improve its access and amenity. We know that a full redevelopment of the station remains a community priority.

Victorian Government

Last year the Victorian Government announced a $14.3m investment in Broadmeadows, including $7 million to assist renew and revamp the Broadmeadows Town Hall. This is in addition to substantial government investment in the area through major projects such as the Global Learning Centre, a GP Super Clinic, the aquatic centre and the Schools Regeneration Project.

The framework plan sets a clear direction for Greater Broadmeadows, to attract new businesses through better transport connections and amenity improvements such as a greener and livelier town centre with more restaurants and retail spaces.

Supporting Documentation

Greater Broadmeadows Future Directions

Document produced by the MPA and Hume City Council (April 2016)

Greater Broadmeadows Future Directions PDF  Version
Broadmeadows Activities Area Structure Plan 2012

Document produced by Hume City Council (2012).

Broadmeadows Activities Area Structure Plan 2012 PDF  Version
Hume Central - The Vision

Strategic framework for the design and development of Hume City Council's landholdings

Hume Central - The Vision PDF  Version
Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan Map
Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan Map JPG  Version
Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan (December 2017)
Greater Broadmeadows Framework Plan (December 2017) PDF  Version
Broadmeadows Public Engagement Outcomes Report

This document contains the full findings and analysis. It is 4MB in size.

Broadmeadows Public Engagement Outcomes Report DOCX  Version
Broadmeadows Public Engagement Summary Report

This document is a summary of the main report. It is 443KB in size.

Broadmeadows Public Engagement Summary Report DOCX  Version