Greenvale North PSP (Part 2)

Greenvale North Precinct Structure Plan (Part 2)

The Greenvale North (R1) Precinct Structure Plan was approved by the Minister for Planning in January 2011, through Amendment C119 to the Hume Planning Scheme.  The Precinct Structure Plan identified an investigation area (Part 2which was excluded from the parent Precinct Structure Plan (R1).

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) will be preparing an amendment to the Hume Planning Scheme for the Greenvale North Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) (Part 2) which will provide land use direction for part of the land which was identified as an Investigation Area in the original Precinct Structure Plan.

The VPA will prepare the amendment in consultation with the City of Hume, government agencies, service authorities, and landowners. 

The Part 2 area covers 33 hectares north of the Greenvale Reservoir. The precinct is anticipated to  provide for a mix of residential, open spacedrainage, and rural conservation uses. 

The project is expected to commence in early 2022. 

The below image is an aerial view of Greenvale North Precinct Structure Plan (Part 2).

Aerial View Of The Greenvale North Boundary