Greenvale North PSP (Part 2)

Greenvale North Precinct Structure Plan (Part 2)

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is leading the planning for Greenvale North Part 2, in partnership with the City of Hume. The VPA will develop a Precinct Structure Plan (PSP), Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) (or equivalent Section 173 agreement) and amendment to the Hume Planning Scheme. This will guide the development of the precinct into the future. 

Greenvale North Part 2 is a 33ha precinct, 23km northwest of the Melbourne CBD. It is located directly north of the Greenvale North Reservoir, west of Aitken Blvd, and east of Mickleham Road.  

The Greenvale North Part 2 precinct will complement the surrounding Greenvale, Roxburgh Park and Craigieburn communities with a mix of residential land, open space, rural conservation, and regionally significant drainage infrastructure. 

Greenvale North Part 1 

The Greenvale North (R1) Precinct Structure Plan(PSP) was approved by the Minister for Planning in January 2011 through amendment C119 to the Hume Planning Scheme. When planning for Greenvale North (R1), the VPA identified the Greenvale North Part 2 area as part of an investigation area that could not be developed at that time. This was because drainage infrastructure needed to be designed and constructed to protect the water quality of Greenvale Reservoir, a source of Melbourne’s drinking water.

Since then, Melbourne Water has advanced and constructed infrastructure to protect the reservoir’s water quality. The Greenvale North Part 2 area will deliver the last part of this important drainage infrastructure. This will enable development within the Greenvale North Part 2 area and the southern part of Craigieburn West.  

Alternative Delivery Program 

The planning for Greenvale North Part 2 is being delivered through the VPA’s Alternative Delivery Program. This program aims to increase the capacity and efficiency of the VPA. It enables us to deliver more, sooner, while maintaining quality standards and ensuring all probity matters are appropriately managed. 

Satterley Property Group (Satterley) is the sole landowner of the Greenvale North Part 2 precinct, and will provide the draft amendment documents to the VPA. The VPA will consult with Hume City Council, government agencies, service authorities, and residents on the draft amendment. When the VPA has resolved the feedback, we will release the amendment for public exhibition. 

For more information, refer to VPA Alternative Delivery Program.

The below image is an aerial view of Greenvale North Precinct Structure Plan (Part 2).

Aerial View Of The Greenvale North Boundary

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