Lindum Vale Precinct Structure Plan

Amendment C205 to the Hume Planning Scheme

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in consultation with the City of Hume and State Government agencies, is preparing a precinct structure plan (PSP) to facilitate the future development of the Lindum Vale precinct.

The Lindum Vale Precinct includes approximately 144 hectares of land within the City of Hume and approximately 28 kilometres north of Melbourne’s Central Business District. The Draft Future Urban Structure Concept illustrates the vision for the development of approximately 1,500 dwellings.

Interactive Map of Lindum Vale PSP

Making a submission to Amendment C205

Submissions to Amendment C205 were accepted until Monday 2 October 2017. For more information on writing a submission, please click here.

You can view redacted submissions in the ‘Supporting documentation’ library.

Background Information

Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are plans for local areas that usually cater for a significant increase in jobs and residences. They are the “blueprint” for localised development and investment that will occur over many years, and will incorporate any relevant directions already outlined in the higher level Framework Plan.

PSPs provide more specific detail regarding how existing important features of local communities such roads, shopping centres, schools, parks, key transport connections and areas for housing and employment may evolve or transform over time and become better integrated. PSPs will usually be the mechanism for providing direction on any planning zone changes and they will also identify the need for new or additional infrastructure to support increased housing and employment, along with funding mechanisms such as infrastructure contributions charges.

Together with the framework planning, precinct structure planning is an important part of the State Government’s strategy to address population growth and the housing and employment demands that flow from this.




Project Information

Upon completion, the plan will provide:

  • A residential area that will accommodate 1,500 new homes;
  • A local convenience centre that will accommodate small scale shopping opportunities;
  • A network of local parks running east-west and north-south that accommodate and conserve the majority of indigenous trees within the precinct. These trees, predominantly River Red Gums and Grey Box Gums, will create a strong neighbourhood character which references its rural history;
  • A central local park that accommodates a wetland surrounded by indigenous trees and links to the adjoining eastern open space via walking paths;
  • A conservation area in the south-eastern corner that protects endangered native grasses;
  • Large lots with a landscaped buffer along the eastern boundary that will ensure the visual amenity and privacy of existing residents is protected;
  • The continued protection of the historic former Parnell’s Inn (also known as the Old Mickleham Post Office) under local heritage controls and future development that responds appropriately to this site of local significance; and
  • An extension of the existing road network through a new north-south connector road that will support the future Aitken Boulevard to the east, widening of Mt Ridley Road to 40 metres and a local street network that connects to Callaway Drive, Cooinda Avenue, and potentially Billabong Court.

Infrastructure Contributions

An ICP is a simplified system for funding basic and essential local infrastructure required by a new community.

The ICP may be made of one or two parts, a standard levy and/ or a supplementary levy. The standard levy is a pre-set rate that may be used to fund transport, community and recreation infrastructure and public land provision. In particular circumstances a supplementary levy may also apply.

Through the preparation of Precinct Structure Plans, the VPA together with Councils has sought to understand and plan for the needs of the future community by anticipating the requirements of roads, intersections, bridges, community buildings and sports and recreation facilities.

This local infrastructure is funded through an Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP).

More information relating to the ICP can be found here.

More information relating to infrastructure items proposed for a particular PSP can be found in the Precinct Infrastructure Plan of that PSP.

The types of infrastructure that can be included in an ICP are referred to as allowable items.

The allowable items are listed in the Ministerial Direction on the Preparation and Content of Infrastructure Contributions Plans which can be found below:

Preparation and Content and Reporting Requirements for Infrastructure Contribution Plans

The standard levy rate for the north-west region will be $334,300 per hectare for residential development, including town centres, and $154,600 per hectare for dedicated commercial and industrial areas.

Yes. The ICP will be implemented via a separate amendment process to follow the PSP amendment (Hume Amendment C205).

Supporting Documentation

Hume C205 Explanatory Report Exhibition
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Hume C205 Instruction Sheet Exhibition
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Hume C205 - Hearing Timetable
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Lindum Vale community newsletter (August 2017)
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Lindum Vale - Background Report (VPA) - August 2017
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Amendment C205 - Submission 2
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Amendment C205 - Submission 3
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Amendment C205 - Submission 4
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Amendment C205 - Submission 6
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Amendment C205 - Submission 7
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Amendment C205 - Submission 14
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Amendment C205 - Submission 5
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Amendment C205 - Submission 5 - Attachment 1
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Amendment C205 - Submission 5 - Attachment 3
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Amendment C205 - Submission 5 - Attachment 5
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PSP1202 LindumVale newsletter
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PSP 1202 – Lindum Vale – Hume –Draft Biodiversity Assessment – Biosis – May 2015
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