Merrifield North Employment PSP

Merrifield North Employment Precinct Structure Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) will prepare the Merrifield North Employment Precinct Structure Plan, Infrastructure Contributions Plan, and associated planning scheme amendment to the Hume and Mitchell planning schemes.

The VPA will prepare this plan in consultation with Hume City Council and Mitchell Shire Council, government agencies and service authorities, and landowners.

The Merrifield North Employment Precinct Structure Plan covers an area of 991 hectares. It will provide land for significant local employment opportunities, environmental conservation and include significant water management infrastructure associated with the Melbourne Water Kalkallo Retarding Basin.

The VPA has started the pre-commencement phase of the project.

The goal of the pre-commencement phase is to resolve a number of complex matters impacting on the PSP project to determine whether the project can commence in the second part of 2022. These complex matters relate to:

  • Determining an alignment for the extension of Aitken Boulevard through the precinct.
  • Understanding the implications of an extractive industry interest area located in part of the precinct.

The VPA will complete this pre-commencement work before determining whether the PSP can formally commence in 2022.

Interactive map of Merrifield North Employment Precinct Structure Plan