Merrifield North

Merrifield North

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is currently preparing a threshold assessment to determine whether a Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) will be prepared for Merrifield North. The investigation area covers 991 hectares in the City of Hume and Shire of Mitchell.

The assessment is being undertaken in consultation with Hume City Council, Mitchell Shire Council, various government agencies, service authorities, and landowners.

The purpose of the threshold assessment is to resolve many complex matters impacting the future development of Merrifield North and the decision whether or not to proceed with preparing a PSP.  These matters include:

  • Determining an alignment or corridor for the extension of Aitken Boulevard and the western arterial through the precinct.
  • Developing guiding principles to inform the PSP planning of the Merrifield Park, waterways, and pre-European wetland located within the precinct.
  • Preparing a high level concept plan for the Merrifield Park that is a part of the PSP project.

Over the coming months the VPA will work to conclude the assessment and determine whether a PSP can formally commence in 2025.

Interactive map of Merrifield North Precinct