Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains Infrastructure Contributions Plan

Planning Scheme Amendment C201 to the Melton Planning Scheme

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) in consultation with Melton City Council and relevant agencies has prepared the Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains Infrastructure Contributions Plan (August 2018).

The ICP will be incorporated into the Melton Planning Scheme and implemented through Schedule 1 to Clause 45.11 – Infrastructure Contributions Overlay via Amendment C201 to the Melton Planning Schemes.

The ICP is the primary method for local councils to collect funds to contribute towards the basic and essential local infrastructure new suburbs require.

The Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains Precinct Structure Plan (June 2017) (the PSP) guides new urban development in the Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains area. This was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted in September 2017.

The type and location of the local infrastructure, including public land, has been identified in the Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains PSP. Table 9 in the PSP identifies which infrastructure projects are to be funded through the ICP.

The merits and designs of the infrastructure items have been included in the PSP and have been subject to a publicly deliberated and resolved process in accordance with the Planning & Environment Act 1987.

Therefore, the current ICP amendment will not further consider the merits nor strategic need for each infrastructure item as this was resolved through the PSP process. Instead, the purpose of Amendment C201 is to provide detail on the costings and specification of each of the required infrastructure items.

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What is the Act – Fact Sheet (VPA)
ICP implementation face sheet (VPA)

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Infrastructure Contributions

An ICP is a simplified system for funding basic and essential local infrastructure required by a new community.

The ICP may be made of one or two parts, a standard levy and/ or a supplementary levy. The standard levy is a pre-set rate that may be used to fund transport, community and recreation infrastructure and public land provision. In particular circumstances a supplementary levy may also apply.

Through the preparation of Precinct Structure Plans, the VPA together with Councils has sought to understand and plan for the needs of the future community by anticipating the requirements of roads, intersections, bridges, community buildings and sports and recreation facilities.

This local infrastructure is funded through an Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP).

Within the south east growth area the standard levy for is $339,000 per net developable hectare for residential areas and $158,500 per net developable hectare for employment areas.

Within the north west growth area the standard levy for is $328,500 per net developable hectare for residential areas and $155,000 per net developable hectare for employment areas.

More information relating to the ICP can be found here.

More information relating to infrastructure items proposed for a particular PSP can be found in the Precinct Infrastructure Plan of that PSP.

The types of infrastructure that can be included in an ICP are referred to as allowable items.

The allowable items are listed in the Ministerial Direction on the Preparation and Content of Infrastructure Contributions Plans which can be found below:

Preparation and Content and Reporting Requirements for Infrastructure Contribution Plans

Supporting Documentation

Melton C201 Explanatory Report Exhibition Final
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Melton C201 Instruction Sheet Exhibition Final
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