Pakenham East Precinct Structure Plan

Amendment C234 to the Cardinia Shire Planning Scheme

The Pakenham East Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) has been prepared by the Cardinia Shire Council (Council) and the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in consultation with government agencies, service authorities and major stakeholders.

The PSP applies to approximately 630 hectares of land generally bounded by Deep Creek and Ryan Road to the west, Mount Ararat Road North and South to the east and the Princes Freeway to the south. The northern boundary of the Precinct dissects a number of properties south of Seymour Road.

Pakenham East will be a self-sustaining and predominantly residential community that complements the existing Pakenham Township and urban form. Pakenham East will support one local town centre and a local convenience centre, and two local sports reserves offering a variety of sport and recreation opportunities. The area will also include 2 government primary schools, a government secondary school, a non-government primary school, and a range of local parks and waterways within walking distance of residents.

Interactive map of Pakenham East PSP

Community Drop-In Sessions

The VPA will be holding two community drop-in sessions to give you an opportunity to view the draft plan and discuss the proposal.

Please feel free to drop-in at any time to meet with VPA planners at either of the following sessions:

Community drop-in session 1

When: Tuesday 6 February 2018, 4.30pm – 6.00pm
Where: Pakenham Hall Room (Pakenham Library), corner John and Henry streets, Pakenham 3810

Community drop-in session 2

When: Thursday 15 February 2018, 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Where: Pakenham Hall Room (Pakenham Library), corner John and Henry streets, Pakenham 3810

Feedback on Amendment234 to the Cardinia Shire Planning Scheme

You are invited to make a submission on the Pakenham East Precinct Structure Plan and associated planning documents. Tips on writing a submission can be found here.

Submissions will be open from 15 January – 23 February 2018. 

You can leave feedback in any of the following ways:

  1. Filling in the e-form below
  2. Emailing your submission to
  3. Posting your feedback to the Victorian Planning Authority (c/- Pakenham East PSP) at Level 25, 35 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
Pakenham East Submission Form
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Privacy disclaimer: Submissions are provided to the Victorian Planning Authority in accordance with Part 3 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Act). Submissions are part of an open public process where all parties affected by the planning scheme can provide input into the amendment. If you choose to make a submission, you consent to your submission being made public, and being identified as the author of the submission. As required by the Act, your submission will be made available for public inspection at the premises of the VPA until two months after gazettal of the resulting planning scheme amendment, and will also be made available to relevant Ministers and local councils, and other involved government agencies. In addition, your submission will be made available to developers, landowners, other submitters and interested parties on request. If you are a private individual, your contact details will be removed from your submission before it is released to parties outside government or local councils. Contact details do not include the address of land which is the subject of your submission. By making a submission, you also give permission for copyright material to be copied and made public. For further information consult the VPA website at or phone the VPA (9651-9600).

Background Information

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and Cardinia Shire Council have prepared the draft Pakenham East Precinct Structure Plan, to guide new urban development and reserve land for key infrastructure within the precinct.

Alongside the PSP, a native vegetation precinct plan is also being exhibited. A draft PSP is now being exhibited for community feedback. The draft plan proposes new homes and jobs, local parks, community uses and key infrastructure. Once approved, the Cardinia Planning Scheme will be amended to incorporate the final PSP.

A Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is a land-use and infrastructure plan to guide development of the area over time. It sets out the intended future land uses, infrastructure and development guidelines.

A NVPP provides for the strategic management of native vegetation for a defined area or precinct. A NVPP identifies the native vegetation that can be removed and the vegetation to be protected, based on the conservation significance and land protection role of the vegetation and the broader strategic planning objectives for the precinct.

Yes, this is within Melbourne’s Urban Growth Boundary. The land is currently zoned Farming Zone and as a result this PSP seeks to rezone much of the land. This land was introduced to the Urban Growth Boundary as part of the logical inclusions process in 2012. The Pakenham East precinct is the natural progression of the existing Pakenham township.

Project Information

The draft plan applies to 630 hectares of land bounded by green wedge land to the north, Mt Ararat Road to the east, the Princes Freeway to the south and Ryan Road and Deep Creek to the west.

The vision is for a sustainable, peaceful community with plenty of open space, well-connected streets, future schools and a local town centre. It will complement Pakenham, with an extensive network of cycling paths, public transport and pedestrian links to central Pakenham.

The main features proposed by the PSP are:

  • 7,100 dwellings
  • 1,300 jobs
  • 43 hectares of open space comprised of local parks and sports reserves
  • One local town centre
  • Two local sports reserves
  • Two government primary schools
  • Government secondary school
  • Non-government primary school
  • A range of parks and waterways.

There will be 1,300 jobs based in the precinct, and a new train depot is being built just south of the precinct. The depot will eventually house maintenance facilities for the fleet of new trains, a stabling yard for 30 trains, and a high-tech driver-training simulator.

Furthermore, jobs have been growing steadily throughout the wider Cardinia area. Recent census data shows that between 2011–2016 there were an additional 6569 jobs created in Cardinia, providing ample opportunities for residents to work locally. Major centres in the municipality include central Pakenham, Emerald and Koo-Wee-Rup.

16.5 dwellings per hectare.

Pakenham Train Station is 4km from the precinct.


Why is this work happening?

Melbourne’s population is growing, and key Victorian Government planning policies, including Plan Melbourne and Homes for Victorians, acknowledge the importance of increasing housing options and affordability.

This PSP is part of the Victorian Government’s 100,000 lots programs, which commits to unlocking land for an additional 100,000 lots in Melbourne’s growth areas by the end of 2018. By creating new communities in our greenfields, we will boost supply and keep housing prices in check.

Infrastructure Contributions

The Pakenham East Infrastructure Contributions Plan will ensure developers contribute towards the cost of community and state infrastructure. This will be incorporated into the Cardinia Planning Scheme via separate Amendment.

Future Changes

Yes, the Amendment does propose to rezone some land. Land East of Deep Creek from Farming Zone to Urban Growth Zone Schedule 5 and land between Deep Creek and Ryan Road from Low Density Residential Zone Schedule 2 to Urban Growth Zone Schedule 5.

The PSP will create a self-contained community with local retail, education, community, health and recreation services. The PSP will also deliver access from local roads onto the Princess Highway, and pedestrian and cycle links along the Princes Highway to Pakenham and to Pakenham train station along the existing Pakenham rail corridor.

Next Steps

This plan is on exhibition from 15 January to 23 February 2018. After exhibition closes the Victorian Planning Authority will review all submissions. If all submissions cannot be resolved, the plan may be referred to an independent planning panel to review.

Submissions to the plan must be made in writing to the Victorian Planning Authority and sent to or posted to:

Victorian Planning Authority
Re: Amendment C234 or Pakenham East PSP
Level 25, 35 Collins Street

How will the community and local businesses be affected?

Deep Creek will be protected by a drainage reserve of up to 100m in width to manage drainage and protect vegetation and water quality.

Supporting Documentation

Cardinia C234 Explanatory Report - January 2018
DOC Version
Cardinia C234 Instruction Sheet
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Pakenham East (C234) - Precinct Structure Plan (Dec 2017_exhibition)
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Pakenham East (C234) Background Report - January 2018
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Pakenham East newsletter - January 2017
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Pakenham East ICP handout - January 2017
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Have Your Say - Pakenham East submission writing
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