PMP Printing Strategic Site

PMP Printing site

Located 18km from Melbourne’s CBD, the PMP Printing site is an 8 hectare site located on the corner of Browns and Carinish Roads, Clayton. The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is working in partnership with Monash City Council to develop a plan that will facilitate the redevelopment of the PMP Printing Site for mixed-use development over the long term.

Taking advantage of the sites proximity to Clayton Activity Centre, Clayton Railway Station, Monash Medical Precinct and Monash University Clayton, the opportunity to renew the site was first identified in the Monash City Council Industrial Land Use Strategy (2014) and later in the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster Draft Framework Plan (2017).

The redeveloped site is expected to deliver new homes, diverse employment opportunities, local shops and new parks.

Phase 1 community engagement

Monash City Council and the VPA met with community members to discuss challenges and future aspirations for the area. You can read the outcomes of this community engagement process here. There will be more opportunity for the community to get involved in this process as planning progresses.

Background Information

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is an independent statutory authority that reports to the Victorian Minister for Planning and is a key source of strategic planning advice.

The VPA’s main task is to make sure Melbourne and Victoria’s regions remain great places to live. This requires vision and long-term planning, to ensure Victorians have equitable access to employment, public transport, attractive public space and affordable housing for our growing population.

A ‘mixed-use’ precinct is an area that has a variety of uses. In the case of this precinct, it will have housing, open spaces and commercial activities.

Project Information

Council identified this land for future development in 2014 in the Monash Industrial Land Use Strategy. The strategy stated that the site had good potential to be rezoned due to its location in a residential area and close proximity to the Clayton Road shopping strip and the Clayton Railway Station.

In 2016, the Victorian Minister for Planning directed the VPA to assist in the preparation of amendment documentation for the site.

Throughout the planning process the VPA has worked in conjunction with Monash City Council to ensure any decisions made were in the best interest of the future community.

The VPA is preparing a plan for the PMP Printing site because the existing occupant, PMP Printing, intends to vacate the site. This site is no longer suitable for industrial uses, and without a plan in place it risks becoming an unattractive expanse that is out of character with the rest of the neighbourhood.

Renewing this site will better serve the community’s needs by providing housing, jobs and attractive parklands for new and existing residents.

The proposed development site is located between Browns Road, Carinish Road, Centre Road, Moriah Street and the former Clayton Primary School.

Community Engagement

The VPA and Monash City Council are seeking feedback from local residents and land owners about potential opportunities for this land and input into its future design. There will be more opportunities to have input into the planning process for the site over coming months. Consultation with state government agencies and a series of independent background reports commissioned by the VPA and Monash City Council will also inform the draft plan.

For development to occur, Monash City Council must formally decide to rezone the existing land. Before council makes a decision, the proposal must first be exhibited for public consultation for 28 days, during which time residents and stakeholders can make submissions to the plan. The comprehensive development plan will then be brought to the council for a vote.

Supporting Documentation

PMP Printing Site - Phase 1 Engagement Report (VPA) - May 2018
PDF  Version