Quandong Precinct Structure Plan

Quandong Precinct Structure Plan

The Quandong Precinct Structure Plan (the PSP) will be prepared by Wyndham City Council in consultation with the VPA.

The Quandong precinct will be a unique residential precinct distinguished by its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. The large grassland conservation reserve and waterway corridor will preserve a sense of open landscape, whilst canopy trees in residential areas will provide greenery and shade in summer. As an environmental and recreation spine, the waterway corridor will link residents to the conservation reserve and passive and active open space, both within the precinct and beyond.

The precinct will support the housing needs of the Wyndham community by providing a variety of housing options.

Interactive map of Quandong

Background Information

Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are plans for local areas that usually cater for a significant increase in jobs and residences. They are the “blueprint” for localised development and investment that will occur over many years, and will incorporate any relevant directions already outlined in the higher level Framework Plan.

PSPs provide more specific detail regarding how existing important features of local communities such roads, shopping centres, schools, parks, key transport connections and areas for housing and employment may evolve or transform over time and become better integrated. PSPs will usually be the mechanism for providing direction on any planning zone changes and they will also identify the need for new or additional infrastructure to support increased housing and employment, along with funding mechanisms such as infrastructure contributions charges.

Together with the framework planning, precinct structure planning is an important part of the State Government’s strategy to address population growth and the housing and employment demands that flow from this.




The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is an independent statutory authority that reports to the Victorian Minister for Planning and acts as the state’s strategic planner.

The VPA’s main task is to make sure Melbourne and Victoria’s regions remain great places to live. This requires vision and long-term planning, to ensure Victorians have equitable access to employment, public transport, attractive public space and affordable housing for our growing population.

Project Information

The new suburb will be located 9km from Werribee, which is identified in Plan Melbourne 2017 – 2050 as a national employment and innovation cluster (NEIC).

You can read more about the plans for Werribee here

The precinct is approximately 3.5km from Wyndham Vale train station and will be serviced by local bus services.