Quandong Precinct Structure Plan

Amendment C219wynd to the Wyndham Planning Scheme

The Quandong Precinct Structure Plan was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted on 3 September 2020 under Amendment C219wynd to the Wyndham Planning Scheme.

To view a copy of the final amendment documentation, including the Quandong Precinct Structure Plan, refer to:

About the Precinct Structure Plan

The Quandong Precinct Structure Plan was prepared by Wyndham City Council in consultation with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA).

The Quandong precinct will be a unique residential precinct distinguished by its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. The large grassland conservation reserve and waterway corridor will preserve a sense of open landscape, whilst canopy trees in residential areas will provide greenery and shade in summer. As an environmental and recreation spine, the waterway corridor will link residents to the conservation reserve and passive and active open space, both within the precinct and beyond.

The precinct will support the housing needs of the Wyndham community by providing a variety of housing options.

Interactive map of Quandong Precinct Structure Plan

Public Access to Spatial Data

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) makes spatial data for gazetted plans available through the use of an online ‘Open Data’ portal. Spatial Data available for this precinct is provided for reference only and holds no official status. Please see our Open Data page for a detailed description of the data and links to download.