Shepparton North East PSP

Amendment C118gshe to the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme

The Shepparton North East Precinct Structure Plan and Development Contributions Plan was approved by the Minister for Planning  and gazetted on 4 October 2019 under Amendment C118gshe to the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme.

To view a copy of the final amendment documentation, including the Shepparton North East Precinct Structure Plan and Development Contributions Plan, refer to:


Background information

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) a Victorian Government statutory authority that plans for urban growth across Victoria. We report to the Minister for Planning. 

The VPA’s main task is to make sure Melbourne and Victoria’s regions remain great places to live and work. This requires vision and long-term planning to ensure our growing population has equitable access to employment, public transport, attractive public spaces and affordable housing. 

We do this by working closely with councils, government agencies and the planning and development community on integrated land use and infrastructure coordination for new communities and strategically important precincts. 

Several planning strategies including Plan Melbourne 2017- 2050, the Hume Regional Growth Plan 2014 and the Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy 2011 identify Shepparton as a key residential growth front for regional Victoria.

To deliver these strategic initiatives, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and Greater Shepparton City Council have prepared the Shepparton North-East Precinct Structure Plan, a development contributions plan, and the associated Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme Amendment C118 to incorporate these plans and ultimately facilitate the development of this new community.

It is important we help our regional cities attract new residents by planning for vibrant new communities, providing affordable housing and a pleasant lifestyle. By creating new, well-planned neighbourhoods in Shepparton we are helping keep housing affordable.

Project information

This is a draft precinct structure plan that guides how the development of land should occur within the precinct, including the type of land uses and infrastructure that is required to service the precinct. It describes how and where services and infrastructure should be developed.

The plan proposes to rezone approximately 177 hectares of land from Farming Zone to Urban Growth Zone to facilitate development for primarily residential purposes. The plan includes detail of the number and location of local parks, retarding basins, roads and intersections, community facility and schools to service the future community.

It provides certainty to the local community, developers and investors about how this area should be developed in the future.

The plan has been developed over recent years with significant input from Greater Shepparton City Council, various state government agencies and departments, utility providers, developers and landowners within the precinct.

The plan proposes:

  • 1,500 new homes for an expected population of 4,000 residents
  • Four retarding basins
  • Four areas of open space, including a district park
  • A local convenience centre and co-located community centre
  • Tree-lined connector roads to cater for local bus routes
  • Shared bicycle and walking paths connecting to schools, community facilities and open space
  • Land to accommodate potential expansion of the two existing schools within the precinct, Grahamvale Primary School and Shepparton Christian College.

A development contributions plan has been prepared in conjunction with this plan, requiring developers to contribute over $20 million in levies, to help pay for roads, parks, a community facility and the drainage network.

The development contributions plan specifies a levy to be paid per net developable hectare. This levy will be paid by developers of land within the precinct, to Greater Shepparton City Council which is responsible for delivering the necessary infrastructure.

How will the community and local businesses be affected?

Existing businesses in the Apollo Drive industrial area will be able to continue operating without interruption. There will be no connectivity from the precinct into the existing industrial area to the south.

The plan ensures there is an adequate distance between future residential land and existing industrial uses in order to mitigate potential amenity impacts from these existing uses. Thus the continued industrial operations to the south will not be expected to modify their operations to accommodate the future residential growth of the area.

The plan includes one new intersection onto Grahamvale Road. The extent of additional traffic onto Grahamvale Road from the precinct as a result of the future residential community will have minimal impact on the freight traffic along Grahamvale Road.

The plan also provides a street within the precinct adjacent to Grahamvale Road / the Goulburn-Murray Water irrigation channel that runs along Grahamvale Road that will provide a sufficient separation distance and sound buffer between future dwellings within the precinct and the traffic along Grahamvale Road.


The amendment proposes to apply a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) to land where the provision of open space, roads, intersections, retarding basins and the community facility are required.

Greater Shepparton City Council will be the acquiring authority. It will be Council’s responsibility to purchase the land affected by the PAO and deliver the public infrastructure required on that land. Council will rely on the funds paid through the development contributions plan and will deliver the relevant infrastructure item at the time it is required to service the precinct.

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Supporting Documentation

Shepparton North East Precinct Structure Plan (February 2019)
Shepparton North East Precinct Structure Plan (February 2019) PDF  Version
Shepparton North East Development Contributions Plan (February 2019)
Shepparton North East Development Contributions Plan (February 2019) PDF  Version