Wantirna Health Precinct

Wantirna Health Precinct – Status

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has completed a planning scheme amendment package for the Wantirna Health Precinct.  Documentation has been handed over to Knox City Council and Department of Transport (DoT) to rezone the precinct and support its transition to a new integrated health precinct.

Future planning work will be led by DoT and Knox City Council, with VPA assistance as required.

For future updates, refer to the Knox City Council website at Wantirna Health Precinct Masterplan | Knox


The precinct is located south of Boronia Road, between Eastlink and Mountain Highway.

The VPA assisted DoT in developing a draft land use plan, a development master plan and an associated planning scheme amendment for surplus government land.

The VPA also worked in partnership with Knox City Council and the Department of Health and Human Services.  The plans  were informed by specialist technical investigations and key stakeholder and community engagement.

The below image is the Wantirna Health Precinct Masterplan.


The Wantirna Health Precinct Masterplan


Background information

The majority of the land is owned by the state government, with parcels belonging to Department of Health and Human Services and VicRoads, there is also a parcel in private ownership.

About the precinct

Wantirna Health Precinct is a State significant health precinct and will help to support and complement existing health services in Wantirna and create new opportunities for a wide range of health-related services, employment, education and research.

As identified in Plan Melbourne (2017-2050), the purpose of health and education precincts is to stimulate innovation and create employment. Health and education precincts are of fundamental importance to the emerging knowledge economy and surrounding communities.

Located approximately 25km east of Melbourne CBD within the municipality of Knox, the Wantirna Health Precinct covers approximately 21.8 hectares of land in Wantirna. The site is located immediately to the west of Knox Private Hospital and includes Wantirna Health.

It is generally bounded by Eastlink Reserve to the west, Boronia Road to the north, Mountain Highway to the south-east, and Wantirna Road to the east.


The VPA’s role is to provide a masterplan, an infrastructure funding plan and proposed Planning Scheme Amendment documentation for Wantirna Health Precinct.

To guide the preparation of the Masterplan, the VPA has convened a project steering group consisting of representatives from Knox City Council, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Transport and Eastern Health.

The Issues and Opportunities Paper provides an overview of Wantirna Health Precinct to support future land use planning of the site within a wider context. With consideration of planning policy, social and economic context, the paper identifies key issues and opportunities for the site.

This report has formed basis for the first phase of community engagement in July 2019.

In July 2019, the VPA and Council engaged with the community about the key precinct issues and opportunities and the following matters were of primary importance to the community:

  • Better access in and out of the precinct,
  • Desire for accessible parks and high-quality amenity,
  • Minimum impact on the surrounding neighbourhood, and
  • Support for growing local jobs.

The feedback and ideas were captured in the Wantirna Health Precinct Community Engagement Summary August 2019, available in the Supporting Documentation below.

The preparation of a Masterplan for Wantirna Health Precinct will provide a framework to guide the site’s transition towards a specialised health precinct that includes a wide range of complementary health services, employment, education and research facilities, housing, access and transport. The plan will help optimise the site opportunities and coordinate development on different land parcels over the long term.

The public health land is in a Public Use Zone (PUZ) and is owned and controlled by DHHS. This land will remain in the PUZ and future development will be subject to approval by the Minister for Health. The remainder of the precinct (DOT and AAG site) is envisaged to be rezoned to facilitate health related uses on site. The rezoning of these sites will be subject to approval by the Minister for Planning. Whilst DHHS site is exempt from planning approvals, land owners of DOT and AAG sites will be able to develop their land in accordance with the Masterplan. Knox City Council will be responsible for issuing future planning permits.

Infrastructure Contributions

An infrastructure funding plan will set out what transport and community infrastructure required to support the future development. The plan will identify how much money is needed for these items and then the costs will be apportioned to the various land parcels. The infrastructure funding plan will also identify who is responsible for delivering the infrastructure.

Supporting Documentation

Wantirna Draft Urban Design Background Report - 22 Oct 2019
Wantirna Draft Urban Design Background Report - 22 Oct 2019 PDF  Version
Wantirna Health City - Masterplan Report (Tract) April 2020
Wantirna Health City - Masterplan Report (Tract) April 2020 PDF  Version
Wantirna Health Precinct - Community Engagement Summary - August 2019
Wantirna Health Precinct - Community Engagement Summary - August 2019 PDF  Version
Wantirna Health Community Engagement Report January 2020
Wantirna Health Community Engagement Report January 2020 PDF  Version