Woodlands Precinct Structure Plan

Amendment C154Pt2 & Amendment C213 to the Hume Planning Scheme

The Woodlands Precinct Structure Plan was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted in October 2014 under Amendment C154Pt2 to the Hume Planning Scheme.

Hume subsequently updated the Woodlands Precinct Structure Plan on 16 February 2017 via Amendment C213.

To view a copy of the final amendment documentation, including the Woodlands Precinct Structure Plan, refer to:

Public Access to Spatial Data

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) makes spatial data for gazetted plans available through the use of an online ‘Open Data’ portal. Spatial Data available for this precinct is provided for reference only and holds no official status. Please see our Open Data page for a detailed description of the data and links to download.

Supporting Documentation