Yarrawonga Framework Plan

Yarrawonga Framework Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) assisted Moira Shire Council to prepare a vision for the future development of the Yarrawonga township. This assistance was delivered as part of the 2018/2019 Streamlining for Growth program. The vision was workshopped with the Yarrawonga community in June and July 2019.

For further information, refer to the Community Engagement Summary Report – August 2019 (PDF).

The Framework Plan is a high-level plan that identifies residential and industrial growth areas in the township for the next 50 years. It will provide greater certainty to Council, agencies and investors about likely development sequencing and supporting infrastructure priorities.

This project builds on previous VPA funding and Moira Shire Council’s past strategies.

The VPA produced a Framework Plan in November 2019, which has been handed over to Moira Shire Council for implementation.


Background information

A framework plan is an overarching land-use plan that establishes a vision and spatial structure for an area, in this case the township of Yarrawonga. The Yarrawonga Framework Plan seeks to:

  • identify residential and industrial growth areas for Yarrawonga in the next 50 years
  • provide direction around co-ordination and staging of growth
  • provide direction around servicing and community facility requirements for growth
  • identify strategic sites and flag potential opportunities
  • provide a high-level action plan for implementation.

Yarrawonga has been identified as a key sub-regional settlement in the Hume Regional Growth Plan, and is expected to continue accommodating a significant proportion of growth in Moira Shire. The framework plan is an update to the 2004 Yarrawonga Strategy Plan, and is a document for Council, agencies and potential landowners to get greater certainty around the growth requirements of the township, as well as the broad location and timing of growth.

As part of the framework plan process, VPA has also commissioned a Stormwater Drainage Strategy to address significant flooding issues in the township and provide a whole-of-township strategy to manage stormwater drainage.

The VPA has allocated staff resourcing to produce the framework plan as part of the 2018/19 Streamlining for Growth program. This builds on a previous grant that Moira Shire Council received as part of the 2016/17 Streamlining for Growth program, which produced the Yarrawonga Growth Management Strategy.

Throughout all steps of the project we will be working in partnership with Moira Shire Council, state government agencies and local community members to ensure the framework plan considers and reflects their input.

The VPA is working in partnership with Moira Shire Council to consider the infrastructure and service needs of areas that might accommodate new homes and jobs. Moira Shire Council is leading the community engagement for this project. Once the growth plan is finalised, council will take over the project and be responsible for implementing it in the planning scheme and putting the plan into action.

Future changes

The framework plan will not rezone land directly. After the plan is incorporated in the planning scheme, new urban areas that were identified in the framework plan will be subject to further technical assessments and consultation.

More detailed plans will then be prepared, which will include specific development requirements and guidelines. These plans will be accompanied by relevant planning scheme amendments to be implemented into the Moira Planning Scheme.

Supporting Documentation

Yarrawonga Growth Management Strategy Forecast Report (FINAL) September 2017
Yarrawonga Growth Management Strategy Forecast Report (FINAL) September 2017 PDF  Version
Moira Major Towns Strategy Plan Review 21 June 18
Moira Major Towns Strategy Plan Review 21 June 18 PDF  Version
Yarrawonga community engagement summary report (August 2019)
Yarrawonga community engagement summary report (August 2019) PDF  Version