Lancefield Road Precinct Structure Plan

Amendment C208 to the Hume Planning Scheme

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in consultation with Hume City Council and Government agencies, has prepared the Lancefield Road Precinct Structure plan (PSP) to guide new urban development in Sunbury.

The Lancefield Road PSP will provide up to 8,000 homes to accommodate a population of more than 22,000 people. The precinct will deliver two new local town centres, regional parklands along Jacksons Creek, as well as a Jacksons Creek road crossing, a new train station to the north of Sunbury, and a range of local schools, sporting fields and community facilities.

The PSP applies to approximately 1,095 hectares of land generally bound by Racecourse Road and the Jacksons Creek to the west, the Goonawarra and Rolling Meadows communities to the south-west, Gellies Road to the south, Emu Creek to the east, and a future conservation reserve to the north.

To view a copy of the Lancefield Road exhibition documents, please see the supporting documentation below.

Interactive map of Lancefield Road PSP

Formal exhibition of the Sunbury South/Lancefield Road PSP concluded on 6 February 2017. 

Background Information

The VPA has released the Sunbury South Precinct Structure Plan and the Lancefield Road Precinct Structure Plan for public exhibition. People can view the plans and provide submissions to the VPA from Thursday 24 November 2016 to Monday 6 February 2017.

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  • An additional 20,000 new homes over 30 years
  • 6,000 new jobs
  • The completion of a ring road around Sunbury (as an extension to Elizabeth Drive)
  • Two new road crossings of Jacksons Creek
  • New community, shopping and entertainment facilities
  • Two new train stations with plenty of additional parking
  • A network of recreational trails along both Jacksons and Emu Creeks.
  • New primary and secondary schools

Victoria’s population is increasing, and new residents are moving into suburbs and towns across the state. Sunbury has been earmarked for growth since the 1969. As an area with significant land mass and established infrastructure and services, Sunbury is well placed to accommodate new residents.

In 2012 the Victorian Government approved the Sunbury-Diggers Rest Growth Area Plan, to provide a big picture, Sunbury-wide framework to guide future development. The release of these PSPs represent the next phase of Sunbury’s growth.

Sunbury is blessed with a unique natural landscape setting, with significant hilltops and the striking waterway corridors of the Jacksons and Emu Creek, and well as long-range views to the Macedon Ranges to the north, and central Melbourne to the south-east.

The planned growth of Sunbury will sensitively respond to these key landscape features, and importantly will establish regional public parkland corridors, accessible to the community for the first time.

There will be a network of open space along key waterways, including new regional open space along the Jacksons Creek and important local hilltops, such as Redstone Hill, will be protected from further development.

Growth rates in the table below are based on the Victoria in Future (VIF) projections and may vary depending on the timing of expected development, the approval of the PSP and the beginning of construction and associated works. It is expected growth in the next 5 years will largely arise from existing development sites available in the Sunbury area, with modest development in the PSP areas themselves.

Sunbury Growth Rates final



Community Engagement

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, the prescribed public exhibition time is one month. However, we certainly understand that with the Christmas holiday period there is a need to extend the consultation period beyond the standard one month time frame. For this reason, consultation opened on November 18, 2016 (including full website access to documents) and the formal exhibition period commenced on November 24, 2016 (when the Amendments appeared in the Government Gazette), and the date for submissions has been extended until 6 February 2017.

We think that this extended time frame gives landowners and the broader Sunbury community a significant opportunity over a few months to review the precinct structure plans and amendment documents, and to prepare any submissions.

Infrastructure Contributions

These PSPs make provision for these new stations. They will be built as growth occurs in Sunbury. It is expected that the southern station near Jacksons Hill is likely to be delivered first, providing an alternative station option to Sunbury Station, and delivering more commuter car parking.

It is expected that early planning, design and site acquisition for the new station will commence within the next 5 years, to ensure that the station can be delivered as additional service capacity is provided on the Sunbury line as part of broader network improvement works and in particular the Melbourne Metro Tunnel, which will provide a new route from Sunbury into the Melbourne CBD by 2026.

The northern Sunbury Station in the Lancefield Road PSP is a longer term opportunity, and will be delivered in response to population growth in that part of Sunbury.

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 The plans make provision for:

  • Seven primary schools (five government, two non-government)
  • Three secondary schools (two government, one non-government)
  • A new sports field
  • Community facilities
  • Community parks and open space
  • A significant regional park network along Jacksons Creek.

Developers will pay $800 million over 30 years to fund community infrastructure. This will be paid through a mix of developer contributions for local infrastructure and improvements, and Growth Area Infrastructure Contributions which will make a partial contribution towards meeting the cost of state infrastructure.

Sunbury Road through Bulla township represents a traffic bottleneck, which left unresolved would affect the ability of Sunbury to grow. That’s why the early delivery of a Bulla Bypass is critical to achieving the growth vision outlined in the PSPs.

The Minister for Roads has instructed VicRoads to undertake a review of alignment options for the Bulla Bypass (and the associated Airport Link road), to determine an option that can bring forward the delivery of this critical piece of infrastructure. Finalising the alignment of the Bulla Bypass is important so that this infrastructure can be built as soon as funding becomes available. Early delivery would be desirable to support Sunbury’s growth.

An ICP is a simplified system for funding basic and essential local infrastructure required by a new community.

The ICP may be made of one or two parts, a standard levy and/ or a supplementary levy. The standard levy is a pre-set rate that may be used to fund transport, community and recreation infrastructure and public land provision. In particular circumstances a supplementary levy may also apply.

Through the preparation of Precinct Structure Plans, the VPA together with Councils has sought to understand and plan for the needs of the future community by anticipating the requirements of roads, intersections, bridges, community buildings and sports and recreation facilities.

This local infrastructure is funded through an Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP).

Within the south east growth area the standard levy for is $339,000 per net developable hectare for residential areas and $158,500 per net developable hectare for employment areas.

Within the north west growth area the standard levy for is $328,500 per net developable hectare for residential areas and $155,000 per net developable hectare for employment areas.

More information relating to the ICP can be found here.

More information relating to infrastructure items proposed for a particular PSP can be found in the Precinct Infrastructure Plan of that PSP.

The types of infrastructure that can be included in an ICP are referred to as allowable items.

The allowable items are listed in the Ministerial Direction on the Preparation and Content of Infrastructure Contributions Plans which can be found below:

Preparation and Content and Reporting Requirements for Infrastructure Contribution Plans

Next Steps

There will be a separate master plan created for Jacksons Hill. Planning for Jacksons Hill will begin in February and involve community consultation. For more information on Jacksons Hill click here.

How will the community and local businesses be affected?

The plans make provision for significant road and public transport upgrades for the area, including:

  • Two new train stations, to be located near Jacksons Hill in the south, and to the north of Sunbury
  • An extension to Elizabeth Drive, to complete the ring road around Sunbury
  • Two additional road crossings of the Jacksons Creek in the north and south of the township
  • Three new grade-separated road crossings of the Melbourne-Bendigo Rail Line
  • A connection between Jacksons Hill and Watsons Road
  • The creation of a regional network of publically accessible parklands along both sides of Jacksons Creek.

The plans make provision for two new job hubs on Sunbury and Vineyard roads. It is anticipated the plans will create approximately 6000 jobs.

The connector road is a Council project that will be built ahead of development within the Sunbury South PSP, as it will service the existing area Jacksons Hill area. Now the Sunbury South PSP is on exhibition, Hume City Council should be able to provide more details on the timing of the construction of this connector road. For further details – see Council’s website:

Supporting Documentation

Hume_C208 - P18855 - Draft Planning Permit - Exhibition
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Lancefield Road PSP Accessible Version

This is an accessible version of the PSP. It does not contain any maps or images. It is 1MB in size.

DOCX  Version
C207 & C208 – VPA Response to Panel Questions – 4 September 2017
DOCX  Version PDF  Version
C208 - Northern Crossing - Strategic Transport Need - September 2017
PDF  Version
Lancefield Road PSP Newsletter - November 2016
PDF  Version
Lancefield Road PSP Newsletter insert - November 2016
PDF  Version
Sunbury Infrastructure Co-ordination and Delivery Strategy - November 2016 - Exhibition version
PDF  Version
Planning for Sunbury's future - summary (November 2016)
PDF  Version
Planning the Sunbury Growth Corridor
PDF  Version
Having your say on the Sunbury PSPs

This document provides information on who, how, when and where you can make a submission. It also provides information on what we do with submissions and some tips on how to write one.

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Sunbury South & Lancefield Road BackgroundReport
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A applicaiton - Lot Titles - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A applicatin - Application Form - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Context Plan - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Design Response - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Landscape Masterplan - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Planning Report - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Servicing Report - Exhibition
PDF  Version
Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Site Analysis - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Subdivision Plan - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Town Centre Concept - Exhibition
PDF  Version
Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Town Centre Economics - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - 18855 - 96A application - Traffic Report
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Hume_C208 - 18855- 96A applicaiton - Approved CHMP - Exhibition
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Hume_C208 - P18855 - Draft Planning Permit - Exhibition
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PowerPoint Presentation from Sunbury Drop-In Session (5 December 2016)

This is the PowerPoint presentation that was given to residents and stakeholders at the Sunbury Bowling Club on Monday 5 December 2016.

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