Sunbury South Precinct Structure Plan

Amendment C207 to the Hume Planning Scheme

The Sunbury South Precinct Structure Plan was approved by the Minister for Planning in December 2018 and gazetted in January 2019 under Amendment C207 to the Hume Planning Scheme.

To view a copy of the final amendment documentation, including the PSP, please see the links below:

Sunbury South Precinct Structure Plan (December 2018)

Amendment C207

About the PSP

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), in consultation with Hume City Council and Government agencies, has prepared the Sunbury South Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) to guide new urban development in Sunbury.

The Sunbury South PSP applies to approximately 1,798 hectares of land generally bounded by Watsons Road and the Jacksons Creek to the south, Gellies Road and the Emu Creek to the north and north-east, the transmission line easement to the east and Vineyard Road to the west. The precinct abuts a number of existing communities within the Sunbury township, including Goonawarra and Jacksons Hill.

The joint approval of the Sunbury South and Lancefield Rd PSPs allows for:

  • New communities that will consist of almost 40% open space
  • Proposed new regional park and conservation network
  • 19,000 dwellings to be developed over two decades
  • 6,000 local jobs
  • Two future trains stations
  • Nine new schools
  • Two new crossings of the Jacksons Creek, and three new crossings of the railway corridor.

Sunbury South and Lancefield Road Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP)

The last stage of the planning process will be the approval of the  associated Infrastructure Contribution Plan (ICP) which will allow development of this area to begin.

For more information, please refer to the Fact Sheets below:

  • Fact sheet number 1 on the Public Land Act 2018 is available here.
  • Fact sheet number 2 on ICP implementation is available here.
  • Fact sheet number 3 on ICP requirements for changed approach is available here.

96A Permits

As part of the approval of the PSPs without an ICP, a special control has been put in place. This allows the development which is the subject of the S96A permit applications to be progressed when the associated ICP is approved.

Interactive map of Sunbury South PSP

Background Information

These plans were created by the Victorian Planning Authority in close consultation with Hume City Council and involved extensive consultation, research and studies into the area’s topography and history. The plans were exhibited in November 2016 and went through a full amendment process, including an independent planning panel review with public hearings.

Public submissions were referred to an independent planning panel and submitters were provided an opportunity to present to the independent panel in public hearings. A total of 48 parties were heard over the course of the hearing from 18 August to 15 October 2017.

The VPA made additional changes to the final PSPs in response to these recommendations.

A total of 158 submissions were received from private submitters, including landowners, developers and community members. Unresolved submissions were referred to an independent planning panel (Planning Panels Victoria) and the independent panel hearing was held from 18 August to 15 October 2017.

The VPA received the panel report on 15 December 2017. The panel recommended the plans be adopted with updates proposed by the VPA in response feedback during exhibition, and recommended additional minor changes.

A number of changes were made to the PSPs following the panel hearing, both in response to public submissions and in response to the recommendations of the independent planning panel.

The key changes are summarised below:

  • Redstone Hill – The exhibited Sunbury South PSP identified the extent of a future reserve at Redstone Hill, but did not provide direction on the future development of the reserve. The approved PSP now features a high-level concept plan with key land use activities across the site, and now requires the preparation of a detailed master plan for the reserve at the time of subdivision. Further, Council will have the opportunity to review designs for the reserve during the planning permit assessment stage.
  • Hi Quality site – The exhibited Sunbury South PSP identified future land uses for parts of the Hi Quality site not currently being used for activities related to quarrying, landfill and organics waste processing. However, the approved PSP now identifies an area for ‘Future Investigation’, which could be assessed for potential urban uses in the future. It also does not guarantee approval for urban uses, and will require further site investigations to determine the suitability of the land for redevelopment. This will also include a future planning scheme amendment process.
  • Northern Jacksons Creek Crossing – In response to submissions, the VPA worked with a number of key stakeholders, including the Wurundjeri Land Council, to refine the Jacksons Creek bridge alignment. This new alignment will limit the visual impact of the future bridge and preserve heritage assets in the Jacksons Creek corridor and Canons Gully. The construction of the bridge is proposed for the long term (20+ years) as it is unlikely to be needed until that time. The detailed design will be undertaken at that time.


Project Information

The Sunbury South (Amendment C207) and Lancefield Road (Amendment C208) Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) have been approved. Both of these approvals facilitate the construction of new communities in the Sunbury township.

In total, the Sunbury South and Lancefield Road precinct structure plans will allow for:

  • 19,800 homes
  • 6,200 jobs
  • Almost 40% open space
  • Four town centres
  • Six primary schools (four government) and two secondary schools (one government) and one prep – Year 12 school (government)
  • Two future train stations
  • Two new bridge crossings of Jacksons Creek

Recent government investments in Sunbury will provide better services for all Sunbury residents in the near-term. This includes the Sunbury Road duplication and more than 300 extra car parking spaces at Sunbury Station.

In addition, the plans will facilitate a wide range of road and public transport upgrades to allow people to travel freely to and from the new communities. Land has been set aside for two future train stations, two new bridge crossings of Jacksons Creek and three grade-separated road crossings along the rail line.

The new plans will further protect the adjacent Sunbury Rings by adding a conservation buffer from the new development. The Sunbury Rings will continue to be managed by the Wurundjeri Land Council.

The Sunbury South PSP includes a series of buffers associated with the landfill, quarry, and organics waste operations on the Hi Quality site. These buffers are to limit the development of the area for sensitive uses as these would potentially be negatively impacted during operation of the Hi Quality site. Therefore, during operation in the short to medium term, limited development is expected to occur in the buffer area to protect potential future residents as well as enable the ongoing operation of the business on the Hi-Quality site.

The quarry and landfill operation will gradually cease its operations in the future, but the specific timeframes are unknown due to market conditions and business decisions. However, it is expected that following a period of rehabilitation and monitoring, parts of the quarry site could be considered for potential urban uses. The appropriate nature and form of these uses will need to be investigated in future.

Melbourne Airport’s noise contours cover a small portion of the Sunbury South PSP, which ensure that  Melbourne Airport is notified of proposed uses within this area. The Melbourne Airport Master Plan is currently being updated by Melbourne Airport to review the boundaries of the existing noise contours. It is expected that the reviewed noise contours will better align with the increasing flight activities from the airport.

Infrastructure Contributions

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) are undertaking a review of the ICP process.

To ensure as little delay as possible, the VPA and DELWP have prioritised the ICP work program. It is expected that the ICP for Sunbury South and Lancefield Road will be submitted for Ministerial approval in early 2019.

For more information, please refer to the Fact Sheets below:

  • Fact sheet number 1 on the Public Land Act 2018 is available here.
  • Fact sheet number 2 on ICP implementation is available here.
  • Fact sheet number 3 on ICP requirements for changed approach is available here.

Future Changes

It is expected that development will extend from existing urban areas. In theory, new development can occur simultaneously along the interface of the existing Sunbury township.

There will be some early development on Sunbury Road, in and around the future Redstone Hill Major Town Centre where the new permits have been granted with these PSPs. This will provide the opportunity to deliver the centre relatively early, and provide local shopping and services to future residents of the eastern part of Sunbury.

The PSP sets an alignment for the northern bridge crossing and an infrastructure contributions plan will collect funds for the bridge.

Next Steps

No, there are no more plans for Sunbury included in the VPA’s work program. There are areas for future development (Sunbury West and Sunbury North) but these are not on the VPA’s current work program.

Supporting Documentation

C207 & C208 – VPA Response to Panel Questions – 4 September 2017
DOCX  Version PDF  Version
C208 - Northern Crossing - Strategic Transport Need - September 2017
PDF  Version
Hume C207 - PSP 1075 - Sunbury South - Community Newsletter Insert - November 2016
PDF  Version
Hume C207 - PSP1074 - Sunbury South - Community Newsletter - November 2016
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Planning for Sunbury's future - summary (November 2016)
PDF  Version
Sunbury Infrastructure Co-ordination and Delivery Strategy - November 2016 - Exhibition version
PDF  Version
Planning the Sunbury Growth Corridor
PDF  Version
Having your say on the Sunbury PSPs

This document provides information on who, how, when and where you can make a submission. It also provides information on what we do with submissions and some tips on how to write one.

PDF  Version DOCX  Version
Sunbury South & Lancefield Road BackgroundReport
PDF  Version
Sunbury South and Lancefield Road ICP Gazetted 5 December
PDF  Version
PowerPoint Presentation from Sunbury Drop-In Session (5 December 2016)

This is the PowerPoint presentation that was given to residents and stakeholders at the Sunbury Bowling Club on Monday 5 December 2016.

PPTX  Version